The Great Gingerbread Competition of 2015.

This morning my dear friend is putting her sweet puppy down, and I cannot think about that. I cannot think about that because we just recently went through something almost as horrible, and so instead I thought we could talk about gingerbread men. Because I did this thing where I shut down the blog over Christmas and New Year’s (I’d like to say it was to be more present in the moment, instead of being lazy, but you know what – why can’t it be both?) and didn’t get to talk about much of my holiday fun. So this morning? Gingerbread men.

For the past five years or so, the girls, Kim, and I have held an annual gingerbread house/men decorating competition. While I’m not an “everyone wins” kind of competitor (because life doesn’t generally work that way and why teach kids otherwise?), in the spirit of Christmas and joy, someone wins best overall and everyone else wins a superlative of their own.

This year, we had Jeff to add to the mix (the Xman was at his mom’s, sadly). And we also had the Redheads and Corrie and John from across the street. We all got to join in the fun, visit during a crazy hectic time, and find a way to while away the long afternoon hours of Christmas Eve.


And now, I give you our final results….


From left-right: Corrie’s gender fluid ginger won best overall; Mine won best use of 3-D accessories (it’s hard to see, but he’s holding a string of lights constructed from floss and multi-colored sprinkles)(also, he has no pants); Kim won best Deaderman (hers is dressed for Dios de la Muerte); Jeff (god bless) won best jingle bells; Bee won best Halloween masquerading as Christmas; John won best alien; J won most traditional; Gracie won best use of plaid (though we nearly went for best Hitler look-alike, then worried it was in poor taste); and N won for most festive because holy mother that was half of everything on the table. Heh.

Hooray for gingerbread competitions! And yay me for saving some bloggy material for emergency situations. Because, you guys – today is tough.


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One Response to “The Great Gingerbread Competition of 2015.”

  1. Agent Torklepants Says:

    [hand slap over mouth] i def thought jeff’s was bee’s =0D and its my favorite (other than corries bc obvs)

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