#AMonthOfFaves: Outside Your Comfort Zone

Morning, all! Man, this weekend was a bit crazy – this entire past week, come to that. Temperatures here on Friday were a balmy 80°. Oh, yes: eighty degrees. Temp in the 70s and this humid and sticky weather is NOT NORMAL in December, I don’t care where I’m living. So, yes, I welcome the cold front and all the blustery weather it brings. Because December, people! How is it going to snow when it’s so hot and humid?

Speaking of things we’re not exactly comfortable with, today’s #AMonthOfFaves prompt is What books did you read this year that you were outside your comfort zone? Don’t forget to check out other answers and say thanks to the ladies hosting this month of joy: Andi, Tamara, and Tanya. Thanks, ladies!

So what did I find?

Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay, by Elena Ferente. I read this because it was on the Tournament of Books finalist list. It’s a historical drama translated from Italian and reads like a really boring, drawn out telanovella. It got a lot of love from a lot of circles, and I felt a bit guilty for not “getting” it, but I dnf-ed it with glee after choking down more than half. I don’t have time for that when there are so many other good books waiting for me!

American Sniper, by Chris Kyle. I read this because the movie was out and everyone was talking about it. (Yes, a theme.) I like to know about what everyone’s talking about. Military memoirs aren’t my thing. Yes, I read war fiction, but sometimes all the Guts! Glory! We’re #1!! rahrah-ing can wear on me. But! support the troops and all that. So I read it. And it was interesting, in pieces, but there were long stretches where I was yawning my way through. I’m glad I read it, but it’s not something I’ll read again.

Chasers of the Light, by Tyler Knott Gregson. I am not a poetry person. I can read it, I can even name a few that are favorites, but it is not something I voluntarily spend my time reading. I want a big meaty story, with details and background, not a small glimpse. But it was on my Read Harder! challenge, so I had to pick an entire volume and read it. And I loved it. It didn’t hurt that I read it during a time when I was falling in love, and these poems were hothothot!!! So that worked out rather well.

A Girl Is a Half-Formed Thing, by Eimear McBride. A story about a girl struggling with forming sexuality, guilt, and trying to survive a trauma (okay, check), and her brother who has a brain tumor (check), but written in free verse (uhhh…whaaaat?). Yeah, the free-form usually isn’t my thing. I thought I’d try it anyway and see what happened. It wasn’t that hard to follow, but it did take some thought and a bunch of willingness to just let the story be what it was. I could have gotten a lot more out of the story had it been told in a more traditional (or even less non-traditional) format, but it was still enough get-attable, if you wanted it to be.

What were your reads outside of your comfort zone? Do you think it’s important for us to try new things? or is there too little time for reading to worry about such things?


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7 Responses to “#AMonthOfFaves: Outside Your Comfort Zone”

  1. Andi Mistletoe (@estellasrevenge) Says:

    So many books that will be new to me if I pick ’em up! Ferrante is definitely high on my wanna-read list, and I’m pretty impressed that you undertook American Sniper!

  2. Chrisbookarama Says:

    I’ve tried poetry but I don’t think it ever clicks with me. I’m probably going to skip A Girl Is a Half Formed Thing.

  3. Sarah's Book Shelves Says:

    So many people love the Ferrante books, but I’ve never really been tempted to pick one up. Good for you for giving it a shot, though! I also like to know what everyone is talking about…which is why I read The Nightingale this year.

  4. Jenny @ Reading the End Says:

    I think it can be awesome to try new things! But I don’t think there’s like, an obligation to do it in all areas of your life. When I’m feeling a little crummy in one area of my life, I like to return to my comfort books and not try anything new. When things are ticking along nicely in my life, I’m more likely to read outside my comfort zone.

  5. Silver's Reviews Says:

    I love humid weather no matter what month it is. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing. I normally do not read outside my comfort zone either.

    Silver’s Reviews
    My A Month of Faves

  6. Tanya Patrice Says:

    You really extended your comfort zone a lot! Glad at least 1 worked out for you 🙂

  7. travelingwitht Says:

    I’m always so torn by my comfort zone- I know i should widen my zone. But then I think “Shush.” And I keep on reading 🙂

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