The Great Thanksgiving Recap of 2015.

Did we really just have Thanksgiving? I’m not asking just because it’s the first morning back to work and school and routines and grown-upping, or because I’ve been back home for less than 24 hours, or because the whole world seems to be underwater. Okay, maybe for those reasons. But everything seemed to spin by even more quickly this year! Probs because of all the busy. And I mean busy!

Fakesgiving. So the girls and I decided that since they were going their way to Houston to visit Stepmom’s family, and I was going my way to visit (and meet!) Jeff’s family, we would have Fakesgiving on Monday night. I made a roaster chicken instead of a giant turkey, my gram’s famous green bean casserole, corn, homemade biscuits, canned cranberry sauce (that Gracie mutilated, that turkey!), smashed potatoes, and, of course, we made pies. Just apple and lemon, not the usual pie-a-palooza, but it was delicious and wonderful to have everyone together. I even got Jeff to skip Crossfit to eat with us without begging. It was so nice having a relaxing, luxurious Thanksgiving-before-Thanksgiving.

Colorado. Ohmygod: I think I might be in love. I mean, it’s no New England, but I could easily live there. The mountains are gorgeous, there are evergreens and spruces all over the place just like back home, and even the architecture of the houses looked like New England. Colorado even accommodated me with about six inches of snow – enough for snowball fights and sledding and walks in the snow. Perfection!

All that anxiety for naught. I was so nervous going to Colorado. Part of it was meeting Jeff’s family, sure; I’m a validation whore who needs key people to approve. I know this. But I’m great with people, so it was more anxiety about not knowing how things would be. Like where we would sleep, if there were going to be enough tissues with my allergies going full force, how Xander would be after an entire week, whether I would be able to parent the kiddo in front of people while knowing I was being ultra-scrutinized – you know, all the unknowns that anxious people know they can’t control and get so wrapped up about anyways. Yeah, so Jeff’s mom picked us up from the airport and I felt at home in about ten minutes. His family reminds me so much of my own, with all the constant chatter, his mom who loves to sew and craft, the trivia being bandied about, his dad would fit right in with my crazy uncles, and his siblings like to sit around the table and make sarcastic comments and tell stories just like mine. I know I was still quieter than usual, but give me a trip or two and it’ll be like I was always there.

Go, go, going. Oh my god, I miss sleep. We were up for 21 hours straight our first day, hanging out with everyone and then visiting his sister’s family and then going to a hockey game. We did Thanksgiving and cooked and held babies and drank and tried to ignore the chaos created by the kiddos. Oh, and didn’t kill the dog for stealing an entire. pie. We went sledding and had an epic snowball fight and took a walk around the neighborhood. Went driving in the mountains and had a big family lunch at a famous local pizza joint that was in a town I swear was Northampton transported. We went to the shooting range. Met up with old friends. And talked about a year’s worth of conversations. Then, for good measure, we had another 20-hour day when we journeyed home, all the while dealing with constant meltdowns from the 4-year-old (because two perfect travel days would be too much).

Flooding – again. Meanwhile, folks back home got more than 9 inches of rain. So many roads are closed, it’s ridiculous. I had to go thirty minutes (and three routes) out of my way to get the kiddo to school and me to work. Please stop, rain. Although I appreciate that you didn’t breach the ceiling when you found a roof leak. Could always be worse, right?

At least, that’s what I’ll tell myself while Jeff is off getting flu-tested. Nothing says epic vacation like waking up dead-sick.

Fingers crossed, Monday. Please don’t kill me any more than you need to.



2 Responses to “The Great Thanksgiving Recap of 2015.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Welcome home! Sounds like a perfect Thanksgiving. And, the fallout is well, fallout. It doesn’t take away from all the happy and fun. It just shows how strong you are when you deal with it all. I hope Jeff doesn’t have THE flu.

  2. Kim Says:

    Ew. Flu. Ya’ll have exactly three weeks to share that around and BE GONE with it!!

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