One less thing to worry about.

There is quite a bit going on right now: the holidays, a kiddo who found out certain things about the holidays, Avent(ure) calendars to plan, going out of town for Thanksgiving, and then there’s that giant health thing going on right now that we’re not talking about until we know more because SOMEHOW my mom will find out (the way moms always do) and she’ll both worry and kill me, so let’s just keep shoosh about it for right now.


So! Things! That are going on! Like… we finally rented Jeff’s house. Huzzah! There were a few promising prospectives that we got all hopeful about, but they didn’t pan out. Either the money fell through, or the timing didn’t work out, or the terms weren’t just right, or for whatever reasons, it just didn’t work out. Jeff – even more impatient than I am, if you can believe it – was getting a bit restless. “Don’t worry,” I told him when yet another couple hadn’t called back. “I bet we hear something when we’re in Colorado.”

I was wrong. We heard last night. After I was all packed for Colorado, but days before we even left. My (ex) mom-in-law, my mom-away-from-mom, who is nice enough to serve as our real estate goddess, called to say she had rented the house to a new couple, one she had shown the house to just that afternoon. It was meant to be, she thought, because they couple had been in church, had prayed over finding something, and got a good feeling about meeting somebody. Which was kinda neat because it turns out this couple had just moved here from Ohio, from near where Mom-away-from-Mom grew up in Ohio, in fact. And adding to the “Well isn’t that weird?” factor, yesterday morning, unaware that any of this was going on, I was telling Jeff stories about when Mom lived in Ohio with the girls’ dad and his brothers. (Like how she used to buy the boys ice cream and sit in the town square and eat it, surrounded by piles of snow, because then the ice cream wouldn’t melt.) So everything seems to be working out.

Even better, our new favorite renters don’t even need us to repaint the bedrooms. Mom had mentioned that a few people who had looked at the house expressed a desire for the bedrooms – which are a soothing shade of blue, but maybe not every one’s favorite soothing shade, although my bedroom (coincidentally) is the same exact shade – to be repainted a more neutral shade of blue.

It’s all very good news. Jeff is currently panicking about the timing of everything. We’ll have to move the rest of the furniture and boxes out of the house and garage and into storage as soon as we get back. He’s worried that the two weeks it’ll take us to completely vacate will scare them off. I get that – it’s taken awhile for us to get a signed application. But it’ll work out. I believe.

In that, if nothing else.



2 Responses to “One less thing to worry about.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    It will work out. They are feeling good about this and will be happy to wait a bit.

  2. Katie Says:

    That’s what I think! Plus, they know it’s Thanksgiving time, so I feel like 2 week turnaround isn’t that much to ask. They’ll be in plenty of time before Christmas.

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