Five for Friday.

Ohmygoshthisweek. I am very glad today is Friday. Need a snapshot?

1. Jeff returned home last night after a very long week partying conferencing. I learned a lot last week. Like that it’s pretty easy to snap back into pre-dating routines (hello late nights with YouTube and a glass of wine) and that I didn’t mind all the extra room in bed and my own fair share of the blankets. Still, I was happy to have him back. Until he began snoring and kept snoring all. night. long. Those little Breathe Right strips have become my best friends, but they failed me last night.

2. Let the holiday schedule begin! I got invites to two Christmas parties yesterday. Uncoincidentally, this is also the time of year when I’m most likely to start making out with my Erin Condron planner. (Which reminds me: time to order a new one.)

3. I would like credit for the fact that we are leaving for Denver in four days and I haven’t freaked out AT ALL (out loud). But this weekend I definitely need to game some outfits and pick out some books. I haven’t so much as even peeked at the weather, though my sister mentioned something about it being single digits. As far as books go, I’m thinking of picking up In the Heart of the Sea by Nathaniel Philbrick, about the real-life inspiration for Moby Dick (and the book the movie’s all about, natch), and maybe I’ll give #nonficNov a bit of a break and pack The Devil and Winnie Flynn from my YA Quarterly Box that I haven’t gotten to yet. I hate packing hardcovers, but I’m not sure what else to go to.

4. Which kind of brings me to… I briefly contemplated taking the next book in my Stephen King re-read project, but it’s Desperation, and that was not a favorite. Pros: I’m much more likely to read a book if I’m blizzard-bound at my boyfriend’s family’s house. Cons: Do I really want to be stuck with a book I don’t even like? More pros: I only read it the once. Maybe I didn’t hate it as much as I remember. More cons: Really??

5. I’m having sushi for breakfast because I had to get rid of the evidence leftovers before someone saw that I’d been twice this week they sat too long. Shhh. Don’t tell. Also, I’m skimming through Humans of New York. Not a bad way to start a Friday, I must say.


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One Response to “Five for Friday.”

  1. Kim Says:

    Oh! The Devil & Winnie Flynn is a solid (yet fluffy) four stars! I just recommended it to…someone (Liza, perhaps?). You’ll knock it out in an hour or so. I think Molly might reaaaaally enjoy it – there’s all kinds of other artifacts included within the text, like snippets of scripts, transcripts of recordings, doodled notes. And she will appreciate the twists of the plot 😉

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