Well hello there, handsome.


I looked over and saw the Xman playing with a Ken doll on the coffee table, counting and making grunting noises as he made him do pushups. I chuckled and caught Jeff’s eye to make sure he saw what was going on. And then had to connect the dots for him.

“He’s doing crossfit, from all the times you took the Xman with you.” Obviously the Xman had been paying attention while off in the kids’ “cage”, playing with his toys. Because now we had…

“Hey! It’s Crossfit Ken!” I delightedly commented out loud, over Jeff’s laughter.

“His name is Brian,” Xman corrected us, total deadpan. We don’t even know any Brians.

But, okay then. Crossfit Ken Brian. Welcome to the family, dude.


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One Response to “Well hello there, handsome.”

  1. Kim Says:

    CLEARLY this Crossfit Brian pic needs to be recreated in the flesh by Crossfit Jeff. In a suit jacket, up on his toes.

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