Trick and treating, ghost-town style.

Is it just me, or was Halloween this year a little….off? I mean, I did my usual buy-way-more-candy-than-I-could-possibly-need thing, figuring that Halloween was on a Saturday and our usually-busy neighborhood would be even more off the hook. But then when we went out…you could hear crickets chirping, I swear. Maybe because it was on a Saturday there were more parties and less families roaming the streets? Whatever it was, there were approximately 80% fewer kids roaming the neighborhood. And I swear half the ones who were there were in our happy gaggle.

And a gaggle it was. There were the five us us, plus the Redheads, John (Corrie stayed home to hand out candy, the ho), John’s friends and their 18-month old, John’s other friend, Corrie’s niece and nephew, my Ex, the girl’s Stepmom, the girls’ step-sister and her fiance and 2-year-old, and Stepmom’s sister. It was a fun group and more than enough people to help track our pack of wild kids, even if half the grownups were so boozy that I didn’t even want to be there at all.

Halloween3The costumes were pretty easy, once everyone made up their minds. The Xman went as one of his 8,342,439 favorite comic book heroes: Hulk SMASH! (If you think it’s just The Hulk, you will be corrected. Trust me.) Gracie settled pretty early on on Katniss. (Yes, the mockingjay pin got here on time!) And Bee had a last minute costume change to a Monster Bride. Woot woot! Everyone looked really good (I wish you could see the close ups of Bee’s freakish makeup, especially the blackout around her eyes!), and better yet, everyone was absolutely in love with how their costume turned out. For the win!

Of course, then we had to take a dozen more pre-trick-or-treating pictures at the Redheads’ house. Halloween4 Halloween5

But that was okay because the Xman was pretty fascinated with the girls’ niece, who just turned two believe it or not! She’s teeny tiny, but she and the Xman got along like peanut butter and jelly. I’m so used to the Xman playing “up” to Bee’s level (with Bee playing down a whole bunch) that I forget he and their niece are a lot closer in age than he and the girls!

We finally started out and the kids raked in a ton of candy, even with only every third house participating and next to no one on the streets.


The littles caught on pretty quicky and hung with the big kids pretty easily. We picked up a few strays, too! Like another Hulk, which meant HULK SMASH OFF in the streets!


We figured out from watching our Hulks interact that the other boy, who was walking around with his grandma, was about 4 years old, too. The Xman got a little annoyed when Bonus Hulk wouldn’t do HULK SMASH! like he does, all the way down the ground. Bonus Hulk kept getting distracted by hey! butterfly!, hey! something shiny!, hey! another car! and every little thing. See? Four! And then like our crazy twinners wasn’t enough – Bonus Hulk’s grandma called him and it turns out our Hulks share the same name. I know!! And he lives just a few houses down. So we had a few playdates set up before our evening was over.

Yep, it was a pretty low-key evening. The Xman asked to go home after an hour-and-a-half, so I took him while Jeff stayed out with the girls and the group. I knew the poor guy was tired, and incredibly sensitive to sugar, so I shouldn’t have been surprised when there was a half-hour tantrum because he didn’t want to put his pajama shirt on by himself. But hey! Four! With a lot of excitement right before bedtime. Thank goodness the rest of the trick-or-treating was so nice and laid back in our ghost-town neighborhood that one issue could be so easily overlooked.



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2 Responses to “Trick and treating, ghost-town style.”

  1. Care Says:

    Yea, we’re grumps – loaded the dogs in the car and went out to dinner. It’s just too much to have the doorbell ring and the dogs going absolutely bizerk. bezerk! How DO you spell that?!

  2. Kathy Says:

    Sounds like a wonderful Halloween. It poured here & for the first time ever my kids were both with their papa on Halloween. It was a little bittersweet.

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