Five for Friday.

Mmmmm…coffee. Coffee is especially delicious this morning. Especially delicious because

1. It’s flooding outside. Again. Oh, sure, the actual flooding and wind shear (seriously – the words “wind shear” are in the forecast) aren’t supposed to start until later, but someone forgot to tell the rain that. There’s ponding on the side of the roads, and I had to drive with my wipers turned up to super-max warp speeds and follow the cars in front of me because no one could see the lane markers. Oh! And then this idiot pick-up truck got stuck behind the overflow from the turn lane, so he tried to scoot around them and then honked at me because I was driving along in my lane and my staying in my own lane meant he had to stop or get hit! Seriously?!

2. But here’s hoping the early rain (“…Should be a rain-free commute” snort) means that the rain will have moved out before trick-or-treating commences tomorrow night. Because if it rains, I’m staying home, and I’m sure Jeff doesn’t want to go out with the girls, the Xman, my Ex, the girls’ stepmom, the girls’ step-sister and niece, their stepmom’s sister, oh and Corrie and John and the redheads, all by himself. Come to think of it, if it’s raining, Corrie will probably be home sipping on adult beverages and handing out candy with me. So. Let’s hope it stops raining for the boyfriend’s sake! Something is going to make Jeff realize all the crazy, and this just might be it.

3. The other potential Halloween blunder. So the Xman is going as Hulk Smash, and Bee is going as a monster bride and Gracie is going as Katniss. We literally picked up an outfit for the Xman at the store and threw it in the cart; Stepmom found Bee’s costume and make-up ideas; and Gracie… She’s the difficult one this year. It doesn’t help that she doesn’t have any fall clothes. She’d outgrown them all. So I had to find her tan or brown pants that fit (not as easy as it sounds, now that she’s insisting on growing hips and stuff), and a long-sleeved shirt in a different shade of brown or tan. She’s outgrown her boots, so she got a pair of those now instead of at Christmas. And then I found a knit brown scarf/shrug online for $10. Oh, and a bow. Ta da! Except I thought a nice touch would be the mockingjay pin that Katniss wears. It was $8, but I decided to splurge. And then it never showed up. Of course. So I contacted Amazon, got a prompt refund, and I decided to order another one. You guys, it didn’t ship until yesterday. It says it’ll be here today, but it better. I haven’t ever had any problems with Amazon and now twice in one week? Not very happy.

4. In non-Halloween news, I – along with the rest of the world – have spent every free moment listening to Adele’s new song, “Hello”. Is it November yet? Because I’m not sure I can wait for the rest of the album. I’m also listening to AWOLnation’s new song, “I Am.” Their last few songs have all grabbed me and turned the band into one of my “must buy”s – and I mean the CDs, not just the singles off iTunes.

5. So you’ve heard an awful lot lately about what I’ve been reading, thanks to the #15in31 challenge. I’ve snuck in quite a few scary stories this week and last as Halloween approaches and the kids’ excitement for all things spooky catches on. I finished Amy Lukavic’s Daughters Unto Devils from Book Riot’s quarterly YA box. I’m more than halfway through re-reading Stephen King’s Green Mile (as I’m reading about Coffey’s hands, I’m realizing King has quite the fascination with faith-healing, between Coffey, the Little Sisters of Eluria, Pet Sematary, Revival, etc.). And right now I’m reading Jackaby in between projects and The Devil and Winnie Flynn at lunch. It should be more than enough to stuff me full of stories before my next challenge, Non-fiction November (#nonficnov)!

So there you go, kittens. Just a little of what’s going on between-scenes over here. But mostly, it’s just coffee, coffee, coffee. Mmmm…coffee.



One Response to “Five for Friday.”

  1. Kim Says:

    I LOVE Molly’s costume! Here’s hoping the mockingjay pin shows up…

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