Two more days before I can start counting down for real.

We had a rule at our house: no counting down to the holidays until after Halloween. (Such a silly rule.) But you guys, it’s awfully hard to abide by such rules when there are so many fun plans afoot!

Like: Kim bought tickets for Christmas already. Huzzah!! She’ll “only” be here for two weeks this year, but I am already brimming with ideas of what we’ll cram into them. She flies down the Monday before Christmas, so she’ll be here for all the fun Christmas shenanigans (like our gingerbread competition), and doesn’t fly back until just after New Year’s, so she’ll be here for all the after-parties, too. She may or may not have plans involving the kids’ giant bonus gift, mwa ha ha….

Naturally, now that we kinda know the who and when of Christmas, I’ve been sorting through crafts and adventures and daytrips and all kinds of ideas for this year’s advent(ure) calendar. I always like to have a few new ideas to throw into the mix. And making lists and researching fun holiday ideas online has been a fun diversion this week when I need a minute or two away from the insanity of work and pets.

But those aren’t the only fun holidays plans taunting me. There’s more.

Like: Jeff and I bought tickets to travel to visit his family at Thanksgiving. I know. Meeting the family. I’m a bundle of nerves. And also excitement because the mountains of Denver, you guys! I can feel story ideas bubbling at my fingertips! And then nerves again because we’re taking the Xman with us and I’m sure it will be a piece of cake to meet all of Jeff’s family while being scrutinized as I co-parent his boisterous four-year-old. We fly up at the crack of middle-of-the-night on the Wednesday morning before Thanksgiving and fly back the Sunday morning after. Four days. I can do four days, right? At least I’ve already met Jeff’s brother-in-law, so I know there’ll be a friendly in all the chaos.

So there you go. It’ll be grand fun, I’m sure, and even if things veer slightly off-track, it will still be a bloggable adventure. I just have to wait two days before I can start counting down…at least out loud.


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