Doing Future Day exactly right.

October 21, 2015. Future Day. Unless you were under a rock yesterday, you know what it was all about: the day that Marty McFly and Doc Brown (and Jennifer, let’s not forget her) traveled to when they went back to the future for the second time. (Wait – how does sequencing happen when you’re skipping across the time-space continuum?)

Have I mentioned before that the Back to the Future movies are some of Jeff’s favorites? He knows every line. He prefers the third movie. He has a red puffy vest. So last week when we were at the theater to see The Martian and saw that the movie tavern would be playing Back to the Future II for one night only – on Future Day – he turned to me with eyes glowing and started bouncing in his seats. We bought tickets as soon as we got home.

It really was a great time. We found the magic parking lot that’s attached to the four-story theater, allowing us to walk about 10 paces to our car after the movie was over. The showing was late enough that we were able to stop at one of the really cool bars in the neighborhood – I really haven’t explored that hipster/artsy/bohemian area enough, but I really, really like what I’ve seen. And the bar food was delicious and they had a lot of microbrews on tap. Walking right across the street to the theater’s front door wasn’t too bad, either.

Oh, and did I mention we drove downtown next to this?

DeloreanA DeLorean! ON FUTURE DAY! Jeff was so excited I was worried he was going to drive off the road. “WHAT ARE THE ODDS?!” he shrieked. I wasn’t quite as surprised – I mean, if I had a DeLorean, I would do nothing but drive it around on Future Day. There was even a stuffed dog in the passenger seat! I asked Jeff to try to get closer after the DeLorean passed us. “He’s really hauling,” Jeff commented. “Uh, yeah – he’s trying to hit 88,” I answered. Obviously.

You’d think nothing would top that, but the movie was even better. The experience was amazing, such a rich atmosphere with a great group of movie-goers. Remember way back when I read The Eyre Affair and spoke at length about the interactive theater experience for Richard III that the characters enjoyed? And how much I longed for that sort of cultural exchange, where the audience performs with the actors, taking over the show, owning so much of their own entertainment? That. That was Back to the Future II for us last night. The audience erupted into cheers and claps whenever our day was mentioned, we yelled out to the characters, there was a chorus of “GO FROGS!” when the TCU football game was mentioned. Maybe the movie couldn’t talk back to us, but we did our best to make the most of our once-in-a-lifetime movie showing.

That, you guys, is how you turn date night on Future Day into just exactly what you need.


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2 Responses to “Doing Future Day exactly right.”

  1. Kim Says:

    Question: Had you ever seen the movies before dating Jeff?

  2. Care Says:

    Ah, this is so cute! Glad you had such an amazing day!!

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