Not duck-pumpkins…although those might be cuter.

Bee, naturally, could not stop talking about the duck-pumpkins. I was having a hard time imagining why they would add a ducky head and tail (and cute little ducky feet!) to a pumpkin, but it still sounded awfully cute. Turns out what they were actually making at church with their grandmother were duct-pumpkins, and duct-pumpkins were just that: pumpkin decorations made out of pieces of duct-work.

PumpkinsSee? Adorable! And even better – so easy to make!

I wish I had looked a little closer to guess at the length of duct you’d need, but really, just cut down the duct to any goodish size you want. The shorter the piece, the more space between pumpkin ridges. Then, take a twist tie or piece or string or – what the girls used – bendable wire and tie the duct ribs together after pulling the ends together to make a circle.

Once your duct-pumpkin is secure, it’s time to make it orange. Here’s where you have a choice. What the girls did was to paint their pumpkins first, and then use matching orange duct tape [hey! duct tape on actual ducts! Ha!] to finish the seal where the edges were wired together. That method will work better if your paint and your duct tape color matches pretty well. If it doesn’t, you might be better off taping the edges first, and then spray-painting.

While your pumpkins are drying, you can cut out leaves from construction paper or fabric or whatever suits your fancy. A few curled brown and green pipe cleaners acted as sprouty vines, and straight brown pipe cleaners doubled as stems. If you have the length, you can stick the pipe cleaners deep into the doughnut hole in the middle of the duct and they’ll be secure-ish. If not, feel free to hot glue those suckers for a more permanent attachment.

And there you have it! Ours measure about a foot across and display very nicely from where they’re sitting on the brick ledge of the fireplace. A cute and easy way to add some colorful decorations!


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One Response to “Not duck-pumpkins…although those might be cuter.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Cool! I was totally looking forward to Duck Pumpkins though.

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