A box of (self-indulgent) Young Adult awesome!

Remember that time my sister signed me up for Book Riot’s Quarterly Box and I was over the moon excited? So excited, in fact, that I went out and signed myself up for the Young Adult version of the Quarterly Box. Hey, I read a lot of Young Adult fiction – it doesn’t deserve to be pigeon-holed nearly as much as it is. That and the unboxing was quite addictive. A box of bookish surprises delivered to your door by your favorite book community? Yes, please!

(That being said, if you have also signed up for the YA Quarterly Box and haven’t a) received or b) opened yours yet, BAIL, BAIL, BAIL! This post is stuffed with spoilers!)

Now! For the unboxing!

Box1I was so glad the box was waiting for me when I got home. Kim had emailed me to tell me what a delightful box it was; a fantastic introduction for her. But, she warned, she didn’t want to say anything else about it because she couldn’t remember if I had signed up. I had and I replied immediately to SHOOSH already. So I was fairly bouncing when I got home. Thank god it was there!

I barely contained myself as I sliced through the pretty, pretty bookish tape so I could pry open the lid.

Box2So many good things were waiting inside! There was a very lovely letter explaining how the curator chose each item (to be read last, lest you ruin the surprise, natch); two hardcover books; temporary tattoos specifically designed for one of the titles; some post-it type bookmarks designed to make a 3-D scene at the top of your book; and a fantastic print that I’m going to frame that reads “Fight evil, Read books.”

The box was horror-themed because, hello, Halloween. I swear, the titles were so scary that even my pretty, pretty rainbows looked ominous. The first book I pulled out made me scream, but with delight: The Devil and Winnie Flynn, by Micol and David Ostow. It’s been on my TBR since I heard of it! It’s the story of a teenaged girl who goes to live with her ghosts and mediums-centered reality show making aunt because her mom has killed herself. While stuck in New Jersey, Winnie writes her bestie back home about her experiences, giving us a critique of today’s world and a rather cool behind-the-scenes look at how reality shows are made. All, I’m guessing, while she’s working through a few things. I’ve heard good things about the book and can’t wait to dive in! Even if this is the less scary of the two (or so I’m told).

The other title is Daughters into Daughters, by Amy Lukavics, a story I hadn’t even heard of before, if you can believe that. But the blurb on the front describes as “Stephen King writes Little House on the Prairie” so GUESS WHICH BOOK IS WAITING FOR ME AT LUNCH? The story is apparently about a teenaged girl whose family moves from a remote mountain to a desolate prairie, only to find their new cabin covered in blood inside…and it’s supposed to get worse from there. I hope it lives up to half of the hype I’ve created in my head since just last night!

I’m tempted both to read the titles quickly (because Non-fiction November starts in just 11 days!) and slowly (because no more boxes until December). What’s a girl to do? Keep on reading, that’s what.



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