Everything’s crossed, right down to my eyeballs.

Come a lil closer – I have a secret to share…

We may – possibly – have a solution to our Bam the Destroyer problem. After he bit me three more times in one week while on probation, and then bit the girls for good measure, Jeff and I came to the very difficult and heartbreaking decision to try to re-home the damn dog Bam.

Bam’s acting out, destruction of everything he saw as mine, and peeing in the house just screams how unhappy the poor puppy is. The destruction I could tolerate. Well, to a point, but still. Biting me, the girls, and the girls’ friends? Sorry, not so much. And the fact that it’s escalating cannot be a good sign. Bam isn’t good at sharing Jeff. He isn’t good with all these people around. After talking to several dachshund experts, I’m convinced that Bam needs a quieter, more attentive home.

Even though Jeff reluctantly agreed (and honestly, I don’t know if it was the biting or the fact that Bam started looking at Jeff and peeing on the floor right in front of him that did the poor guy in), I found that he was reluctant to do anything about the problem, other than ask his Ex and his parents if they had any interest in taking the pup. So I started emailing every rescue within a two-hour drive. I had several responses, one who I’m still working with just in cases, and that was how I came to contact our vet, looking for a copy of Bam’s records.

You’ve heard me talk about my awesome vet? The one Fenway loves to visit above all other places – even the park? The assistant there has a dachshund, one she brings to the office with her. When we brought Bam, Bam spent half the week in her lap as she worked. And as I told her why I was asking about Bam’s chart, she hesitantly offered up this magical gift.

She and her husband rescue dachshunds. They have the one I’ve met, and have had up to four at times. They were talking about getting another… and if I wanted, if Bam and her puppy got along, she’d be willing to take Bam.

There were some caveats and hesitations, of course. There’s my worry that Bam doesn’t like any other dogs. But maybe if it was a fellow doxie, he would be okay and put his Napoleon complex away? And when I mentioned the biting, my new best friend was worried because they’re expecting their first grandchild in a few months. I told her how I thought Bam’s stress was stemming from an unwillingness to share Jeff, and that he still slept with Bee every night and was mostly fine. She agreed that the problems sounded fixable – outside of Bam’s current environment. I offered to take Bam back and work on another solution at any time she felt it wasn’t working. And there’s the fact that in four – almost five – years, Bam has never bitten the Xman.

My new bestie is on vacation, beginning today. When she gets back next week, we’re going to set up a puppy introduction, on neutral ground. I have my fingers crossed, my toes crossed – I even have my eyes crossed. Because having two, attentive, doxie-loving people to play with him, and to spend the three days a week when she works with her at work – that’s Bam’s ideal solution. Well, next to getting Jeff all to himself at his old house again.

You guys, seriously, think good thoughts for me. No matter how this turns out, this is going to end up in my permanent record, and for all our sakes, I really need this one to break the right way.


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One Response to “Everything’s crossed, right down to my eyeballs.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Keeping all the things crossed that this works. There aren’t many decisions tougher than that one. And, while I know there is some heartbreak for everyone it is also best for Bam and the rest of the family. Good luck!

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