At least the drinks were tasty.

For the first time last night, I got to enjoy one of the perks of no longer being a single-parent household. A friend from out of town is here for a few days, and when the gang at work suggested meeting up for a few drinks, I could say yes. With just a day or two’s notice! Without begging the Ex or Stepmom to switch nights! Sure, it helped that Bee had the day off school and so Jeff didn’t need to pick her up from After-Care by 5:30p – the point is that it was manageable. And it was going to be glorious!

And it was. The drinks were good, the appetizers were tasty, and being out with work friends was a nice change of pace. But then, I got home. It was early, still – 7:45 or so, after spending 40 minutes in ridiculous traffic. But it was a bit late to manage any nightly rituals, and of course they weren’t all done.

The cost of my night out hit me when I walked in the door: the girls had spent the night before at their dad’s and Bam, absent his sleepytime partner, had peed all over the bathroom mats, which were still sitting in the open washing machine unwashed. So I sighed and set my purse down and started the washer. I normally would have glared at Jeff and made him clean up after his dog, but he had gotten the girls so I could go out. Then I walked into the living room and was greeted by two very happy girls. Two very happy unshowered girls. I gave hugs and listened to quick stories and sent one off to get showered. Then I asked about whether they had done homework – which hadn’t been asked after and, luckily, had been finished at school. At least Jeff had made sure both girls had eaten dinner?

So, yes, the going out part was very nice, and yes, most of the issues were probably caused by an assumption on my part that my stand-in would assume all of the nightly rituals that I oversee. Growing pains, in other words. We’ll do better next time. Especially because my expectations will be low, low, low, so low.

It’s a good thing I love these guys so much!




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