Taking flight (though maybe we could have gotten away with a drive).

One of the perks of working where we do is that Jeff and I have all these neat opportunities for fun family outings. He was able to score us some tickets to ride on the historic Flagship Detroit, a DC-3 a local aviation club has restored. It’s not painted to look like the Flagship Detroit, it is the actual plane, fully restored and functional. (I was really hoping the “fully functional” part was accurate.) I mean, my grandmother is older than the plane, but just.

(c) AlabamaAviatorSo that’s why we all woke up way earlier than anyone should on a Sunday and piled out to Jeff’s airport, where he drove us around in his work truck. His giant F-350 that had the Xman in raptures. “I LIKE YOU TRUCK, DADDY!” “DAD! I LIKE YOU TRUCK!” “IT’S REAL BIG, DAD!” Jeff joked that he could have just let us sleep in and driven the Xman around the block a few times…and he wasn’t wrong!

But the real deal was still pretty cool. The club president was someone I used to work with, ages ago, an unexpected surprise because then I got to show off all my connections with that hottie Mr. Bigshot I’m dating. The four-year-old was busy being four (the nerve) while we waited to get the show on the road, and Gracie may have gone through an entire box of tissues because of her stupid allergies, but I got champagne when we climbed aboard, so that was alright.


And then the club president found a captain’s hat for the kids (and, um, all the grown-ups) to take pictures with and talked about the historical significance of the aircraft and showed off the seat where Eleanor Roosevelt once sat. (No joke, that was Gracie’s favorite part. I thought she was going to lick the seat.)


It was pretty awesome. The girls loved knowing that not just anyone got to ride on the DC-3, and the Xman liked that it was a plane that make loud engine noises (but not so much that he didn’t get to see his grandma and grandpa at the end). It was a fun Sunday morning family outing and just what we needed after an entire month of All Moving, All The Time. Though I do blame the early start for the rest of the day-drinking. Ahem.


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One Response to “Taking flight (though maybe we could have gotten away with a drive).”

  1. Kathy Says:

    How fun!! I am totally jealous. And, I am glad Gracie didn’t actually lick the seat. LOL

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