It’s okay; I probably don’t need that eye.

My day is now officially derailed, and all because of my stupid eye.

Yesterday afternoon I noticed that my right eye was constantly leaking. No matter – I’d wipe it with a tissue, or catch myself swiping at it with a finger (bad, I know!), or, in a pinch, wipe it with my tshirt. Probably not the best idea, given that we’d been cleaning out the last few things from Jeff’s (old) house. I figured it was allergies, because that sort of thing has happened 100 times before, and Gracie, after all, had gone through two boxes of tissues already. It’s Fall. It’s allergy season. My eye was leaking. Not any big mystery.

Until last night when I got out of the shower and noticed what looked like a flippin’ grape sitting under the skin of my eye. I mean, the swelling was ginormous! It wasn’t hard like a cyst, more squishy like the duct was blocked or something. My eye was a bit red and black-and-blue, too, but that’s how my eye always looks during allergy season. The swelling though – it was bad. I put a warm compress on it and the swelling went down enough so that I had to point out what was wrong when Jeff came home from watching the Cowboy’s game with the neighbors. We both figured that I’d sleep on it and my eye would be fine(ish) come this morning.

My eye is not fine.

When I woke up, I couldn’t even open my eyelid. It was now so swollen that the entire upper lid was puffy and creased and looked like it was on steroids. In fact, my entire eye looked it was involved in ‘roid rage gone bad. The grape-sized lump was back, my lid was swollen, and the entire thing looked bruised and disgusting. My eye itself wasn’t red, though. No easy pink eye diagnosis here.

So I slapped a warm compress on it in between yelling at the girls to get ready and debated whether or not to go into work. Responsibility won, so I threw the washcloth in a bag so I could keep heating it and applying pressure throughout the day. It’s working so far – I can almost open my eye all the way! And now I’m starting to think I might not need the doctor right away anyway. Maybe let’s see if this resolves itself on its own. It’s responding well so far…

Fingers crossed, you guys. I have too much going on to add Turning Into A Cyclops into the mix.


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3 Responses to “It’s okay; I probably don’t need that eye.”

  1. Trish Says:

    I hope the eye is better!!! Also, not a post I should have read while eating lunch. 😛

  2. Kathy Says:

    Hope you are better. Eye problems are a PAIN.

  3. Jenna Hatfield Says:

    …go to the doctor.

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