Birds of a feather.

It’s a familiar refrain around Casa de Katie and the blog and the school and everywhere where anyone is the least bit familiar with me and my brood: my Bee-girl is enchanting and mischievous and I loves her to pieces and she will one day set the world on fire…if she remembers where she set down the matches. Because my girl is also a bit flighty. (Like hydrogen is a bit explosive.)

I think I’m also starting to understand why she and Jeff took to each other so quickly.

It’s not quite the same – my guy isn’t a nine-year-old girl who wears crazy outfits and doesn’t play with Barbies and stuffed animals and not care that his friends have started leaving that phase behind and hasn’t lost four sweaters in one week. But he does leave lights on all around the house no matter what I’ve tried to do to remind him, he has proposed borrowing a truck to move the boxes to storage no matter how many times I remind him we’re moving the big stuff in first (“oh yeah”), he has left the doors unlocked, and has made me implement the Two Coffee Cup Rule (if you’ve failed to bring home two travel coffee cups, you don’t get to use any more until the others are returned because I’d like to have some left for me, thanks). Jeff has many superfantastic qualities and I love him to pieces, but he and Bee are two of a kind.

Which is why I was unsurprised when Bee forgot her teacher’s/our family friend’s birthday treat two days in a row. The first day, well, that was to be expected. It’s why I started early, in fact. The next day, I specifically pointed it out to Bee and to Jeff and that time I was surprised when I didn’t get a text or a Facebook mention about how tasty the dessert was. When I asked Bee about it later, oh hey! It’s because she forgot it. And so did Jeff. Sigh.

I baked some more Apple Bettye (the leftovers had to be pitched after sitting out in the heat all day), put some in a container, put the container in a bag, and tied it to Bee’s backpack. I’m a little more hopeful, but not much – there’s always the possibility that Bee forgets her entire backpack.

That, or Jeff forgets the kid at home.

It’s a good thing I love those two so much.


2 Responses to “Birds of a feather.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    I should not be laughing as hard as I am but I get it. I totally get it. You might just want to deliver that birthday treat yourself.

  2. Agent Torklepants Says:

    And we shall call it the “crazy uncle mike gene” ;0D

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