It was a much needed forced break. You guys, I have never been this busy in my life. (Which is probably a lie, but it feels so, so true right now.) Moving Jeff and the Xman out has taken up a month of weekends so far. I think one more Saturday will do us – at least, until we find a renter and have to actually move the furniture and wall of boxes in the garage into storage… But! The point is that the Supermoon eclipse last night forced me to stop and take a breath and enjoy the tiny huge things going on around me.

The girls were all for staying up late to see it. I wasn’t sure – Gracie had been away for the entire weekend camping with a friend, so she could have been facedown-in-her-mashed-potatoes tired when she got home. And she kind of was, but she geeked out about the Supermoon. She got out her telescope and Bee set it up outside and all was well.

When the time came, we sang Total Eclipse of the Heart and Harvest Moon and Bad Moon Rising (because mood music) and we didn’t let the high cloud cover deter us. We still got an okay look of the beginning of the eclipse, and the rest wasn’t that fuzzy. We still took blurry pictures and ridiculously hilarious selfies and enjoyed ourselves. Which is just what the evening was about.

Supermoon3(This is the part where I tell you I had fantastically goofy selfies to show off and pics of the girls setting up, but my photo editor has crashed and I can’t perform identity-surgery to protect the kiddos.)

Maybe the girls started bickering, and Gracie’s exhaustion hit her, and the dogs were bad, and some of us couldn’t enjoy ourselves because the Broncos first half was craptastic. But I’m going to remember how wonderful the beginning of the eclipse was. It was the kind of evening I know the girls will remember when they haul their own kiddos out to the backyard to watch eclipses or comets or falling stars. And winning for (most of) one night is enough for me.


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One Response to “Supermoontastic.”

  1. Kim Says:

    Crap. Now I’m going to have Mr. Boombastic on constant repeat as today’s soundtrack.

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