Box full of awesome.

Back in August, when temps were even more annoying than they are now, but it was my birthday, so I didn’t really care, my sister Kim gifted me with one of my favorite birthday gifts – and I got a ton of really cool swag this year. She subscribed me to the Quarterly Box from Book Riot (my very favorite bookish community – go check them out!). Basically, the Quarterly Box is just what it sounds like: a box sent every three months that’s filled with books and bookish goods. I was over the moon excited! I’ve been drooling over the idea, but they’re a bit pricey and so I was holding off. For the moment, at least.

Yesterday, my Quarterly Box arrived on my doorstep. You guys – even the packing tape is insanely cool! Even though I didn’t know anyone from Milwaukee who’d be sending me stuff, I knew from that tape that it had to be my box…

QtlyBox1I carefully sliced it open, with bated breath…


Pretttttty. I loved the envelope and letter explaining, piece by piece, was what inside. It’s meant to be read after you explore your box, which is just what I did, because that’s how my sister and I work our packages. Bookish mindmeld, for the win!

The box was school-themed, now that it’s Fall (elsewhere, presumably) and we’re all campus-oriented. There were two books: Skippy Dies, by Paul Murray, about string-theory and falling in love and a boy’s prep school in Dublin and how the main character ends up dead. It’s been on my TBR list since it came out – huzah! The other, Zadie Smith’s On Beauty, is about how a family of immigrants adjusts in a small college town in Massachusetts and was really good. I know this because I’ve read it. (Kim thinks we should make a bet about how many books I get that I’ve already read. Sometimes being a velocireader is hard.)

Then there were the goodies! There’s a really soft bookish pennant that screams BOOKS! that is going up in my cubby at work. There’s a READ HARDER coozie that may be used for drinks, but may also be used around a glass for my pens and pencils at work. There’s a cool poster Murray designed that goes along with Skippy Dies, exclusive to the Quarterly Box. And there is a pack of Field Notes notebooks, perfect for all my bookish notes, lists, and whatnot. Ten boxes also came with a golden ticket, good for a signed copy of Murray’s next book, but alas – none were found in my box.

I knew the box would be awesome, and I knew I would have so much fun excavating each little gift inside, but I wasn’t prepared for how addictive these things would be. I may have already signed myself up for the YA box that ships in October. Which means I won’t have a box in November, and then my original box will appear in December… Must find some way to feed the bookish mail beast in November.

Thanks, Kim! But I fear you’ve only reinforced my main theory: Book addiction: better (barely) than a crack addiction.



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3 Responses to “Box full of awesome.”

  1. Care Says:

    Wow! Sounds awesome! *\0/*

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