It’s around here somewhere. But…where?

I had jury duty this morning. It was rescheduled from when I was supposed to go right before vacation, and that summons was postponed from last year during vacation. [Dear county officials: please stop scheduling me for the first week of August, mkay?] I’ve had today’s date on my calendar for awhile. I didn’t forget about it. Nothing that irresponsible. In fact, I promptly took my summons to work when I received it and photocopied it for all the records and official type stuff. I specifically remember placing it right back in my backpack when I was finished.

You know where this is going, right? I was so sure of where the summons was that I didn’t even think to look at it again until last night at way-past-my-bedtime o’clock. Even then, I just wanted it handy because I’d have to get up and be out the door before Jeff woke up. He probably didn’t want me turning lights on and rummaging for my backpack. So I went to retrieve it.

And it wasn’t there.

Of course.

I searched the basket where I keep my mail, the top of the dryer, the car, and the backpack a couple dozen more times. I was panicky, because I didn’t even know what building I was supposed to report to, and furious with myself for failing to grown-up. I haven’t done anything this stupid in I don’t even know how long.

It was a bit understandable, I guess. There was the big office switcheroo at work, which involved boxing up every single thing in my office. We’ve been moving Jeff’s things to storage and to our house every weekend. Which means I haven’t had time to keep the house the absolute tidiest. And then there are piles and boxes and things strewn everywhere over here. I have eleventy hundred things going on. Maybe I shouldn’t have left this til the last minute. But I did. So I was in a bit of a pickle.

Thankfully, in all of my rummaging, I was able to find the summons from August and the paper confirming my request to reschedule. Nothing online on the county page said what to do, which was just ridiculous – I can’t be the first person to lose their summons! I finally found one line on an obscure page that said a new form could be printed.

It was just as easy as that when I showed up, too. I got a new form, filled out the questionnaire, and then was promptly dismissed because Bee’s after-school program has a strict – and early – pick-up time and they couldn’t guarantee I’d be able to leave early enough. I spent more time searching for my summons than I did in court!

What can I say, folks – life is never dull around here. Now: who wants to place a wager that I find the correct summons as soon as I get home?



One Response to “It’s around here somewhere. But…where?”

  1. Kathy Says:

    That sounds just like something I would do. Sorry you had the panic; thankful it didn’t mess with getting Bee from after-care.

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