Delirious – we’ll pretend with anticipation.

I am not going to be good at forming complete today. Uh – complete sentences. Because oh, look, guess who woke up at 4 a.m. and couldn’t fall back asleep? And that was after going to bed much later than I intended last night. And it’s not like I’m going to bed all that early tonight because there’s this little thing called FOOTBALL that starts up again tonight. (This is where I’d use an exclamation point if I had any oomph at all.)

I know everyone at work will take one look at me and think I was up early all adither over the game. Like I maybe did the last time there was a game. And because I kept watching this clip yesterday and shoving my arms up in a V for Victory pose at the end. Because interception! Football! PATRIOTS! Okay, that was exhausting. So, yeah, not going to be early tonight. Early bedtime I mean.

But there will be lattes today. With extra shots of caffeine. And the organizing of the football pool. And then probably I will watch Edelman’s pre-season hype video a few (hundred) more times. I’m looking forward to the game. I really hope we win. I just also really, really hope I get some good sleep afterwards, too.


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