You call that a cold front?

I know: I’m going to be regretting that line all winter, aren’t I? But, see, the weather forecast promised us a cold front. We certainly had the thunderstorms early this morning to prove it. And believe me, I’m grateful for the drop in temps. A high near 90° is a lot better than the 103° temps we’ve been “enjoying” lately. I’m grateful, too, for the good, soaking rain we had last night, and the continuing rain that’s supposed to last throughout the day – even though it means the one flippin’ fence panel from our new fence will require us to take the dogs out on leashes for the sixth day in a row. Even with the inconvenience, rain is good. Rain is great!

It’s just…I want Fall.

I want cooler temperatures so I can open the windows and breath chilly air during football games. I want to be able to leave the sun visor down in the car on days other than the one day it rains. I want to cook meatloaf and roasts and quesadillas. (What? It’s a football food. Best enjoyed in cold air.) I want to make soup and bake and use my oven with abandon! I want to be able to let the a/c breathe for more than a minute. I want to have to wear yoga pants during the day and pull a blanket over my feet at night. I want to be able to go for a run without passing out two minutes into it. I want Fall!

I shouldn’t rush it. I’ll be yearning for Spring as soon as Christmas has passed and we’ve had our one obligatory ice day. I’ll be reminding the kids to shut the back door, not because they’re letting mosquitoes in, but because they’re letting the hot air out. And then there’s the part where the first really good cold snap makes me so homesick I want to double over and crawl back into bed. That bit I can live without for a while longer.

Nah. On second thought, bring it on. I need to get excited about something chillier than “Oh, hey! It’s in the 80s!” For real.


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One Response to “You call that a cold front?”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Our chill is coming. And while I am looking forward to all those things I am still enjoying the heat of summer. I could live without the humidity though.


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