I thought “Construction” was a season only in New England?

You’re killing me, Smalls. You and all your construction zones. It is seriously, most seriously, becoming ridiculous.

I have four major construction zones on the way to work. It started with the elevation of the roadway (and tiny bridge over a creek) near the helicopter plant. The area always floods and so finally city management was willing to loosen the purse strings and let DPW do something about it. Unfortunately, halfway through, the bridge they were building failed. I mean, it flippin’ collapsed. Not so much faith in the project now, right? So the crew started over, the project got pushed back for months upon months, and the construction project that will never, ever end looks like it might finally open sometime in the near future. Mind you, this has been going on for over a year. I cannot wait until I not only have two lanes and no more death-merge – even a full-sized lane that doesn’t make me hold my breath that I won’t be hit by on-coming traffic will be nice. We won’t even contemplate whether DFW plans on closing the “old” side of the road to also elevate it once the new side opens. Because nope.

So that’s the first challenge. Then, one day this past spring, I found that after I had run the gauntlet of One-Lane-Death-Bridge, there was a new sign on the side of the road that read “Two right lanes closed ahead.” Which, wth?! There are only two lanes! Turns out, DPW was also widening the podunk little street that runs in front of the fire station at the major intersection. Which – great! Except…more construction. And that more construction spilled onto my road and mean that my two lanes were closed and westbound traffic was forced into one of the eastbound lanes. So: sucky traffic congestion for everyone! I cannot even tell you how many times I nearly lost my life and my vehicle because people don’t want to wait in line and try to zip up the shoulder. A few brave souls position our cars as far over as we can – and some idiots still try to drive through the woods to get around us. It’s insane, you guys.

Then there’s the bridge that washed out during the Floods of May. It was not my favorite bridge to begin with – a fantastically old, crumbling concrete bridge that just happens to be on the intersecting road as Life-Threatening-Lane-Closure project. They had that entire part of the intersection closed for months – you couldn’t even drive northbound through that intersection, but now it’s open despite the construction on the bridge, which is kind of sad because the traffic light cycle has gone back to deathly slow, per usual.

So when the giant backhoe showed up on the hill going to work, you could say I was less than excited. Another lane closure, although there is (for now) very minimal impact to my commute.

I get it, you guys. You have to maintain the infrastructure somehow. Fixing roads and bridges is necessary. But all of them all at once for all of the days and weeks and months ever? GOOD GRIEF!!


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One Response to “I thought “Construction” was a season only in New England?”

  1. Kathy Says:

    At least they are trying to maintain the roads. I swear they have given up here. I had an iguy call me one time after an interview and tell me our roads were so bad we would be better off returning to dirt roads. He’s not wrong, but for goodness sake – we are the capital city.

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