Proving really nice frames can make anything look fancy.

Last year for my birthday – and I mean last year as in 2014, not 2015 – Kim bought me a bunch of fancypants frames to do a gallery wall in my kitchen. We hemmed and hawed about what kinds of photos to put in them: black and white photos of the girls, the previous year’s Christmas photo shoot, family pics, pictures and knick-knacks that were thematically grouped around the idea of mischief… We plotted and planned so much, in fact, that nothing ever got done. Kim left and the frames were stacked on top of the fridge, where they gathered dust for the next many months.

At Christmas, Kim pulled the frames down and we went through the same dilemma. What to put in the frames? Kim’s frustration grew, but she funneled it into at least making paper tracings of the frames so we could tack those on the wall to see what we liked. And then we got busy with Christmas stuff and other projects, and so when Kim left the frames were stacked back on top of the fridge, where they gathered dust for many more months.

When Kim and I got back home after my trip to Mass. a few weeks ago, we both chorused rather strongly that we were putting up the damn frames. The paper tracings came out, Kim arranged them on the wall, and I approved the layout. And one Saturday afternoon, instead of prepping for the informal party we were throwing, Kim and I sat down and poured through scrapbook paper to use as temporary “photos” until I got off my kiester and ordered some prints. (To be fair, I did have a few photos picked out, but none of them were blown up to the correct size.)

In the end, we liked the paper we picked out so much, we both agreed that it might stay in the frames on purpose. It did look rather awesome and, dare I say it?, grown-up-ish.

GalleryWall GalleryWall2

The Dark Tower-inspired key theme is a plus, and punctuation marks are always welcome, but I can’t help thinking that a little less subtle mischief theme would play so well at Casa de Katie. Maybe one day.


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2 Responses to “Proving really nice frames can make anything look fancy.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Love it!

  2. Trish Says:

    I really like the paper! I’ve been wanting to do some type of gallery wall but the thought of trying to curate pictures makes me crazy. Maybe the key is to just get the frames up and go from there. 😉 Love the little embellishments…even if I don’t get the Dark Tower reference. #hangsheadinshame

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