First day flutters.

They’re gone.

Bee-girl got out of the car first, clutching the bag of school supplies that wouldn’t fit in her backpack in one hand, and her lunch in the other, scurrying across the street to stand with a group of friends while she waited for the school to open its doors for the early crowd. She’s so excited to start school that she’s can’t hardly stand still. She’s excited to see her bestie who travels Far Away for the entire summer, visiting her dad; she’s excited because she has the most wicked awesome set of teachers this year; she’s excited because she wants to learn All The Maths so she can learn computers and build a time travel machine because no one has done that yet, by god.

Gracie-girl climbed out of the car at her dad’s house, nervous and excited to start her new adventure at a new school, in a new district, with an entirely new set of potential friends. She’s nervous, but feeling all grown-up. She’s excited about not having to wear uniforms this year; she’s excited about having a her very own phone for emergencies or for texting her dad or I; she’s excited about having met the librarian on Meet the Teacher night and the possibility of joining the orchestra and that her teacher was wearing a Hogwarts lanyard.

I, honestly, am not quite as excited as the girls. It’s the first year Gracie and Bee are at different schools and I’m feeling the growing pains. It would be so much easier for our schedules if the girls were at the same place, or even had schedules that co-existed a little more happily. All four parental units are contorting our own schedules to make sure the girls get to where they need to be – and even so, it’s taking a bit more trust this year than in years past. I had to ask Bee-girl if she knew any of the students waiting around because I couldn’t sit and wait for the school to open it doors. (I’m sure she was fine and I’m sure the doors opened in just a moment. They were already five minutes late.) Gracie-girl, too, is going to have to be a little more independent, walking the block through congested streets with the rest of the kids who get dropped just short of the School Drop-off Traffic Jam. But that’s why we talk about safety measures and sticking with groups of friends and why Gracie has a phone. We’ve raised the girls to be smart thinkers and excellent grown-ups; now we have to trust them to use the smarts we taught them.

And so here we go! Another school year! We’re going to let all the optimism and promise smother those few squeaky nerves. Fourth grade is going to be amazing, and sixth grade will be an amazing bridge year. We are going to do awesome things! Not the least of which will be making it through this first day.



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One Response to “First day flutters.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    I can’t believe I missed this yesterday. The girls look so grown-up and I know in my heart they were just fine. Being the mom is tough stuff but I know you were fine too. Can’t wait to hear all about it.

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