And I can’t even wash my hands of it.

Yesterday was not my favorite day.

I decided – rather sillily, as it turns out – to stop procrastinating and look at the girls’ respective schedules for their separate schools to try to figure out how we would manage to get them to and from school. Bee-girl is at the same school and will be fine – once After-Care starts up again, at least. We’ll just put a pin in those two weeks.

Gracie, however, is a whole ‘nother story. Her school doesn’t open until twenty minutes after Bee’s school. And getting them dropped off isn’t even the big issue: that would be how in the world we’re getting Gracie home every afternoon. How ironic that the year she doesn’t strictly need after-care is the first year we can’t get the kid home. The walk home is along a major road through not-the-best neighborhoods, and even if any of the parents were okay with that, there’s the fact that the walk is 1.7 miles long. It’s a new school district, so we don’t know any of the other students or parents, so carpool isn’t an option right now. I work too far away to make it there and back before I would need to leave for the day. We live too close to be eligible for school bussing and the city doesn’t offer city busses. And the after-care program involves bussing kids to way out of our way for pick-up – especially once we remembered we’d have to get her sister, too. So there was the panic over that situation yesterday.

Then I came home to a dishwasher (a brand new dishwasher, mind you) that was refusing to wash dishes. The whore. It’d start just fine, then fill with dirty water and refuse to drain before insisting the dishes were “Clean.” Yeah, no. After much googling, I determined it was either a busted drain pump or a clogged drain hose. I watched a few YouTube videos, fetched some tools (after cursing Jeff for not putting the tools away in their cases), and gouged my knuckles open trying to get the access panel open. Turns out the cork floor gets a bit in the way of things. There’s only just enough clearance. Good luck to the plumber later.

Yes, plumber, because I had a quarter inch clearance and really didn’t feel comfortable with the amount of water coming out of the water line as I was unhooking it, even though I know leftover water is going to leak out a little bit. I had towels ready and everything. And I had turned off both the water under the sink and flipped the breaker to the dishwasher. But whatever. I reconnected everything, turned the water back on, and decided to just do another load of dishes by hand. The second load, because the first load I did by hand thinking the smart dishwasher thought they were already clean because it had gone through a cycle. A very short cycle, but still. Turns out that wasn’t the answer.

It also turned out that I couldn’t wash the dishes by hand. I filled the sink with hot water, washed a handful, rinsed them off and then realized the faucet was operating at only a trickle. What the everloving man?! I turned the on-off valves so many times I had to google which way was “on” again. Then took the washer off the sink. Then gave up.

Meanwhile, Bosch isn’t covering replacement because I don’t have a receipt from purchases; Lowe’s isn’t any help because I didn’t buy the service package; and no one seems to care that the dishwasher is less than a year old. I set the Bosch people up for Thursday because I figured they knew what they were doing. Then the Angie’s List people I’d requested quotes from called back and said they could be there today. Of course, that was before I broke the water, but maybe they can throw that in for free.

I’m really hoping it’s nothing more than a clogged hose. I don’t even care how silly it will be that I couldn’t fix it myself. I tried and decided it was worth paying someone to come mess it up for me. I just want a working faucet so I don’t have to fill the coffee pot from the bathroom again and, if it isn’t too much trouble, a way to do dishes that doesn’t include the hose outside on the patio. Please and thank you.


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One Response to “And I can’t even wash my hands of it.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    I am so sorry. I am right there with you only lawn mower not dishwasher and the printer quit working on Saturday. I think I have the school transportation thing down, but not the whole evening band practice thing that starts this year.

    Hang in there. This too shall pass.

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