Convert for life.

Everyone knows I’m crazy for Dunkin’. It’s one of my favorite things about going back home – New Englanders are never really at ease if they can’t see at least two Dunkin’ Donuts (and one CVS) from where they’re standing. So naturally, we stop at Dunkin’ every morning before starting the hour-long commute to Grandma’s house. Mostly it’s about the coffee – large, three creamers, one sugar; occasionally it’s about the munchkins or the lemon doughnut. Certainly it’s about the partaking of a ritual. It’s part of coming home.

The girls have always enjoyed this particular ritual. I mean, of course they do – they get doughnuts! But my Bee girl was even more insistent than I was this year.

“Are we going to Dunkin’ Donuts?” “Mom, can we stop at Dunkin’ Donuts?” “Oooh! Are we getting doughnuts?!” It didn’t matter if we were running out for an errand or asking what the girls wanted for lunch. This year, Bee lived and breathed Dunkin’ Donuts. One chocolate covered, one glazed. Every time. Oh – and lots of napkins. Because sometimes 9-years-old is a lot closer to 2-years-old than it is to anything else. Heh.

I didn’t mind. We were on vacation and enjoying ourselves and we all know how much I love saying “yes” when we’re relaxing. And that Bee-girl, she was such a trooper about all the other places where we ate out during the week, given that she loathes eating out.

If I can fix that with a chocolate covered one week of the year? Easy answer. Now I just have to help my baby girl through her withdrawal symptoms. Or maybe surprise her with a visit to the metroplex’s only Dunkin’ the next Saturday I have her. Mwa ha ha…



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2 Responses to “Convert for life.”

  1. Trish Says:

    Now I’m thinking we’re spoiled by having a couple of them around these parts! Elle LOVES having donuts on the weekend so we try to compromise with twice a month. We’re all about the sprinkles (me too), but that chocolate sure looks good!!

  2. Kim Says:

    Not even kidding – Bee planned to get up early tomorrow morning to bring you to DD before work. You know, for a birthday treat…and maaaaybe a donut or two for herself, natch 😉

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