And so I’m back, from outer space.

Helllllooooo (she yells into the void).

Yes, I’ve been gone a bit, haven’t I? There was my annual epic trip north last week, in which I presented the grandchildren to my parents as proof that they do exist, and the visiting with many friends, and introducing Jeff to everyone. I barely had time to remember what day it was, never mind keep track of normal daily activities like put down on paper all of the wonderful (and not so wonderful) thoughts I thunk.

And then there was the week before, too, wasn’t there. I took a mini-vacation from blogging then, without even much guilt. I was feeling all the anxiety about the trip. I was worried about seeing Mum, and how much more her Parkinson’s had progressed (answer: a bit), and I was worried about the epic fight my brother started and how that would affect everything (not so much as I feared – we all pretended it wasn’t a thing and I don’t even care whether that’s healthy or not; I just needed to get through it), and you heard me mention that I was introducing Jeff to my family, right? (Don’t worry – he didn’t run away and I sufficiently lowered the bar about the state of my parents’ house that he actually thought it wasn’t that bad. Win!) So I gave myself a break from blogging and just let myself do what I needed to do in the ramp-up of anxiety before The Big Trip.

Now I’m back and facing my first day of work and hooboy, yep, there are more than 1,000 emails in my inbox(es), and reminders for four projects that have already popped up.

But! I designed today’s outfit around (dressy) flip flops. I have several stress management techniques waiting in the wings of my brain. I have been recently re-energized about organization of all the things this weekend (I’m reading The Happiness Project), so I have my planner by my side. Oh – and the snacks! I feel ready!

Plus, as a reward for some benchmark or another today, I am compiling a list of all the silly, funny, crazy adventures that happened while we were gone. We have a lot to talk about.


One Response to “And so I’m back, from outer space.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Welcome back. Glad the trip went well. I have missed you.

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