No wonder I’m so tired!

We had a bit of a busy weekend.

Saturday we trekked out to the Perot Museum – four floors chock full o’ science-y fun! We signed up for a membership and enjoyed bonus tickets to their traveling exhibit on the kinisiology of how animals move and why they’re built the way they are – like, the cheetah needs a flexible spine, non-retractable claws, a thin tail, and an aerodynamic snout, or it couldn’t run at top speeds. It was really cool. There were enough interactive parts for the younger set, and a ton of details for the grown-ups..erm, and um, Gracie. We adventured through a few more exhibits, had lunch, and then let the kids play in the water and fountains they have outside. (Splash-fun bribery for good behavior, ftw!)

Saturday evening we finally made it out for Bee-girl’s birthday dinner. Of course my champagne-taste darling wanted crab legs, so we headed over to Red Lobster. It might have been the cheapest of our options, but ain’t nothing was cheap about that dinner! But Corrie and John and the Redheads joined us, so that was a blast.

Sunday the girls went to church while Jeff and the Xman and I did chores and ran to the groceria. Then, after every had eaten lunch, we ran outside to test the rapid-fill shake-and-release water balloons. I had heard they didn’t work too well, and they didn’t. But they were still good for about 45 minutes of fun as we executed a kids-vs-grownups barrage of mini-water-balloons. The problem was that the balloons weren’t filled enough (couldn’t be filled enough), so they would just leave and bruise and bounce off you. Instead, we started aiming for feet and piecing the balloons on the dead grass, or else running up and popping the balloon in our hands in front of someone’s face. Then we resorted to flat out throwing water from the buckets at each other. We were soaked, but we had a good time doing it! I wouldn’t waste your money on the kits, because you’ll end up disappointing the kids and promising to find real water balloons for the next fight. Aw, shucks.

After that, Xman’s mandatory 3-hour break from electronics was over, so he pretended to play throwback Mario Bros. on the wii (while yours truly ghosted the controls from her own wiimote) while the girls played Legos. Eventually, everyone had found their own spot on the floor and the next thing I knew, my entire family was chillin’, listening to music as I built playlists, and playing Legos. It was a sight to behold.

Eventually, though, it was clean-up time so Xman could go to his dad’s house so his mom could pick him up, and the girls and I had to get dinner ready and do our own tidying. It feels like the weekend went by in a flash and it’s no wonder when you’re trying to keep three active kids, two hyper puppies, and a grown-up-sized “kid” entertained!



One Response to “No wonder I’m so tired!”

  1. Kathy Says:

    That sounds like the most perfect kind of weekend.

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