My problem with necklaces.

While we’re on the subject of hoarding this week (apparently), let’s talk about necklaces.


Yeah, not the best shot. I took it hastily this morning as I was about to leave, grabbing necklaces off their stand and throwing them hastily only a cleared bed. I have quite a few necklaces – by my standards, only. There are a few missing: the blue and silver one I got for Easter (that I actually wear and is currently draped across the top of my dresser). The pink and silver clunky one that I got from New York & Co. that I do not wear and still resides in my belt drawer where I used to keep the few pieces I owned. And then the usual necklaces I still have from my childhood that are tucked away because nope, sentimental value only.

The point is I have all these necklaces and I hardly ever think to wear them. I’ve collected them in an effort to be more girly, to be more put together, to make my outfits feel a little more complete. Some have been gifts (the M&B necklace the girls got me for Mother’s Day) and some have been impulse purchases (the magenta ovals and red beaded rope) and some have been sought after for a particular outfit (the long silver and the long copper). Some pieces I wear over and over, like the gold one on the left with the fixed gold pressed circles, or the chunky pewter flowers. Some I love and just forget to wear, like the green glass on short gold chains (top left) or the white and pearl and gold layered one (center).

I need to make more of an effort to actually wear them, or get rid of them. There’s no sense keeping a piece I know I’ll never wear. I’ve been purging everything else in the house lately as I clean and make room; might as well ditch some of these pieces, too. Because heaven knows I’m just going to acquire more. So I’m instituting a new rule: wear it once in six months, or it’s gone.

And now you all know my priorities: cheese > necklaces. (Obviously.)


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One Response to “My problem with necklaces.”

  1. Kim Says:

    Blanca says that maybe hanging them with shirts/dresses would help you think to put them on in the morning more often. Because: preeeeetty.

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