Those crazy silly girls of mine with the gorgeous hair.

I have been pestering Bee-girl for the longest time to get her hair once more snipped into that swinging bob style that looks so smashing on her. Bee has just enough sass and the perfect heart-shaped face with which to pull off any style, but she looks especially good in eye-catching bobs. But Bee-girl has been going through this look-like-my-big-sister phase for the past two years, and so she hasn’t been so much about getting it cut short. And I like to pick my battles. So. Growing her hair it was.

Enter Stepmom with her sneaky and brilliant ninja moves. She somehow convinced Bee to get her hair trimmed when she (Stepmom) went to have her friend trim her hair. (Actually, both girls were supposed to go, but that was the week when Gracie got sick any time anyone tried to plan anything.) We tried telling Bee to slice it all off, but nah. She wasn’t gonna. And then…

BeeHairTa da! Bee decided to go with the super cute bob-cut again! I am so thrilled. And so is she – I think the past two weekends of Mama patiently brushing out All The Snarls might have had something to do with it. Even though I was willing to cover each strand with expensive conditioner and spend 45 minutes patiently and gently separating each tangle, Bee would end up (quietly) crying and got fed up with her difficult locks. Plus, I think her bugging her sister by mimicking her with the same hairstyle had run it’s course. Bee is THRILLED with her gorgeous hair!

I thought that was it. I was going to write a post this morning about Bee’s fancypants hair, but then I got busy and it’s a good thing. Because when I walked in the door at their dad’s house, Stepmom ran over and played out a scene she and Bee had obviously rehearsed. Gracie was “missing”, they fake-acted. Maybe playing at her friend’s, they said. And then this girl jumped out at me:

MollyHairTa da! Gracie-girl got her hair trimmed, too! And not just trimmed – I swear there is a good five inches missing! She had long layers added back in and – although you can’t see it – a bobby pin’s worth of tiny, tiny bangs on one side. (Gracie’s favorite.) The girls were so happy at having “tricked” me and I was so happy that Gracie trimmed her hair! I love her long locks, but she refused to do more than freshen the ends.

And so now I have two very happy, beautifully coiffed girls who are ready for some summer heat and some summer action!

Awesome Stepmom’s (who send you the cute pics she took for you to use on your blog even when you request them late at night) are absolutely the best you guys!!



One Response to “Those crazy silly girls of mine with the gorgeous hair.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Wow! What a difference. Always beautiful inside and out they now look smashing. I hadn’t realized just how long their hair had gotten.

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