Party til we drop, July 4th-style.

We had a bit of fun at Casa de Katie over the 4th. We had all of the kids for all three days, and I have to say – our plan to party them til they dropped was a huge smash. Of course, now the grown-ups are ready to drop from exhaustion, but them’s the breaks.

Friday we spent poolside. It was Bee’s “family” party (yes, that kid has hoodwinked a school party, a cake on her actual birthday, and then a day partying with the fam out of me. It’s tough being nine). The kiddos were a little excited.Jul5

Jul7 Jul6

The Xman didn’t get out of the pool unless we made him. (Or Bee did – he’s her shadow these days.)(Like they’re different than any other days.) Bee had fun swimming, floating through the lazy river again and again, and performing tricks with her sister. Gracie did her own thing, played with Bee, and then ran into a group of girlfriends from school, and so I didn’t see her for the rest of the afternoon. Which was sort of a problem when it was time to go. Our community pool is fantastic – there are lifeguards every 6 feet, they are ridiculously watchful, and there is a fantastic safety system in place. Plus, even with all of the wonderful amenities, the girls are much taller than any of the pools. So as long as the girls are together, I allow them to go off on their own; it’s not so big that I can’t spot them. Except sometimes when it’s crazy packed, it takes me awhile. And then sometimes I still can’t see my 11-year-old and so I have to put on my flip flops and see if she’s gone to sit with her friends wherever they’re camped out. Fifteen minutes and three loops later, I was starting to worry, when I saw the girls in the middle of a complicated game in the kiddie-pool complex. Thank god. But other than that, it was a wonderful day and the kids slept like rocks!

The actual 4th was filled with flag cake – of course – and grilled steaks and corn on the cob and so many tasty things!

Jul3I barely even had to do any work. Bee-girl made the jello cake itself, and Gracie executed her ninja shopping moves to score two of the last Cool Whip containers that morning (I swear the entire city sold out of Cool Whip), and then decorated the rest of the cake. There may or may not have been a face-smearing Cool Whip campaign in the kitchen, but for sure, Xman thought he had died and gone to heaven when he tasted his.

And then there were the fireworks. There are SO MANY fireworks displays in our area, but we like our one downtown. It’s still crazy super-crowded, but traffic isn’t bad. And you’re going to stand in line for 45 minutes for an icee no matter where you go. (Sigh.) I could have collapsed in on myself when Gracie decided she wanted a smoothie instead, but I handed over some money and sent her off to wait in her own line, twenty feet away. I told her to wait for me at the corner of the food truck if she finished before we did, no matter how long it took, and I kept a pretty good eye on her as she made her way through the line. She did a fantastic job, turning around and waving at us every five minutes or so. This letting-go thing is hard, but she’s making it as easy as she can. For now, at least!

The firework display itself was phenomenal, as always! The only hiccup was that once the display started, we turned around and realized Jeff and the Xman were gone. Disappeared. Poof. The girls and I kept looking for him in between bursts of fireworks, but he was no where to be found. Turns out he saw an empty pocket ten feet down the street where they weren’t trees in front of us, and so he moved. Whoops. But he swears he thought we saw him move over there until he noticed us looking around.

Jul2And then, because we couldn’t make the weekend any better, but my Bee-girl sure was gonna try, she decided to trade in her half-jar of marbles, and use her giftcards and birthday money from Grandpa and Grandma to buy the massive Calico Critters mansion with working lights. Bonus points and magical assist to the mama who noticed it was on sale for 33% off.


So, yes, it was a wonderful weekend chock-a-block full of fun and happy kiddos. Let’s make it 4th of July every weekend, shall we?


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One Response to “Party til we drop, July 4th-style.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    What an AMAZING weekend you all had!! It looks like you had a wonderful time on all fronts and that smile…. I love the Calico Critters smile. She looks so very proud – as she should be.

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