Kind of birthday cursed, kind of not.

Auntie Rhi and Little Miss Bee joke that they share a birthday curse. Auntie Rhi gets rare, life-threatening illnesses, and Bee’s parties fall apart or the air conditioner breaks or – you know, other curse-like stuff happens.

I was a little worried this year. Last week, Bee was complaining about her throat and had a cough bad enough that she asked for cough syrup before bed a few nights. I didn’t think much of it, because it wasn’t too bad. And then on Wednesday night, the girls’ stepmom texted me to say she thought Bee had strep. Stepmom had had it, and the girls’ dad had it, too. We had just talked about how the girls had somehow skated by without it. So I rummaged through my medicine cabinet, found some amoxicillin Bee could take, and dropped it off the next morning before work. Ta da! Problem all fixed.

Except Bee was feeling much better the next day. So much so that Stepmom never started the antibiotics, just in case. Okay, all’s well that ends well.

Until Friday morning. Friday morning, I opened the door to the girls’ bedroom to tell them to get ready. “My throat hurts,” Gracie cried. “And I don’t feel good.” Gracie-girl never cries over an illness. Dramatizes until the starshine has faded from the sky, yes, but this was the real deal. And if I hadn’t believed her then, I would have when she started puking her guts out right before we were supposed to leave. “Okay,” I told her. “Tell Dad and Stepmom when you get to their house. They still have the antibiotics they didn’t give Bee. If your throat hurts that much, you must have your dad’s strep.” And everything was good. I checked on Gracie throughout the weekend and everyone said she was feeling much better. I assumed it was because the meds kicked in, until she came home Sunday night without them. “Where are the meds you’ve been taking?” I asked. Gracie just gave me a blank stare. No meds. But, still, she was feeling better. All’s well that ends well. Risky, but it worked out.

We thought.

Guess who woke me up at 5 a.m. this morning, screaming and crying in pain because her ear hurt? Yep. Gracie’s been stuffy since the weekend, and I figured it was just the lingering effects of whatever she was getting over. Except it turns out it was whatever had infected her was just backbuilding; getting stronger.

We made it through Bee’s birthday – barely – but unless those meds kick in fast, I don’t think Gracie will be able to partake in our day of water slides and pool activities that we had planned for Friday. I doped my gooneybird full of ibuprofen and sent her with strict instructions to start the antibiotics for the love of Pete. And then I texted Dad and Stepmom just to be sure. I am all for playing it safe and not unnecessarily exposing your kiddos to antibiotics, but I’m also not really fond of watching my child not sleep because she’s so miserable. It’s time to vanquish whatever’s trying to hold on and take over Gracie’s immune system. Poor thing.

And how is YOUR Wednesday starting out?


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One Response to “Kind of birthday cursed, kind of not.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    I hope Gracie is feeling better STAT. Ear infections are the worst and missing birthday crazy would only add insult to injury.

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