Five for Friday.

Goooood morning, everyone! That is me pretending to be awake. Not that I’m asleep because of anything interesting – it’s just one of those mornings when you fall dead asleep in between your two snoozes. But I have to wake up soon because I am actually planning on not napping during lunch today (the horror!) so I can read my book. Which brings me to…

1. My reading this week. My lunchtime book has actually been tremendously exciting! So much so, as I’ve said, that I’m skipping much-needed naps. It’s Robin Wasserman’s The Waking Dark (not, as I’ve thought so many times, The Walking Dark or The Waking Dead, thinking of The Walking Dead, natch). It’s about this small, pokey town in Kansas where nothing ever happens, until The Killing Day. Then five (was it five?) townspeople kill others around them – friends, family and neighbors they’ve known their whole lives – for seemingly no reason, before killing themselves at the end of the act. Except one person who has no idea why she did what she did. That survivor, plus a witness from each of the rampages, tries to sort out why the quarantined town has gone crazy and undo whatever is causing it to happen. Like I said – hella good!! Stephen King kind of good, and you know I don’t throw around that comparison lightly.

2. I’m also reading Prayers for the Stolen, by Jennifer Clement, about the trials and tribulations of growing up poor and female in rural Mexico, where girls pose as boys to avoid being stolen by drug lords. It’s an amazing read, one that reminds me of Tales of an Unknown American in its voice and scope. I was a little concerned at first about a (seemingly) white author writing about and from the perspective of a Mexican young adult, but a little research taught me Clement is Mexican-American, so I was glad to banish the uncomfortable feeling of so enjoying something written about people of color by a white author. Anyone not paying attention to that should be, especially with all the focus on it in the bookish community right now.

3. Focusing on reading is much more fun than some other things going on right now at home. The Ex has strep…and so did Bee-girl, we thought. Only she rallied before we started her on the antibiotics I had stashed at home. She had been complaining of a sore throat and cough for a few days, then declared herself sick and lied down. So we jumped to the streppy conclusion. Only that was the last we heard of feeling sick. Gracie, on the other hand, woke up this morning with a fever, croaked out that her throat hurt, and that she didn’t feel good. And just for good measure, she puked her guts out before we left. So. Yay for dad’s weekend? (Oh, come on – he has it anyway!) At least there’s amoxicillen waiting for poor, pitiful Gracie-girl.

4. It’s date night! Which is always fun. We’re trying to think of grown-uppish things to do tonight (really, any excuse to dress up), so we’re thinking of maybe visiting the fine art museum and then going for drinks someplace nice, or maybe last-minute tickets to Rodger and Hammerstein’s Cinderella. Of course, Plan B is to throw on jeans, heels, and a nice shirt and find some live music and twinkly lights somewhere downtown. Although I won’t say seeing San Andreas is totally out of the question…

5. I’ve finally been tearing through Florence’s new album. I had some technical difficulties that wouldn’t allow me to download the album to disc, and just sitting there listening to a few songs at a time wasn’t allowing me to really process it. I can’t take my laptop to work, and I like to just sit and soak in new songs – not listen to them in the background during rare moments when my girlies are quiet! I finally remembered I’m not the idiot I sometimes play on TV and realized I could play an album from my phone through my car stereo. Doh! I like the album as a whole, and some songs (How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful; Which Witch; What Kind of Man; Storms and Saints; others I’m sure I’m forgetting), but to me, it just doesn’t have the same sucker punch the other albums had. It sounds…Sarah McLachlan-esque. Where are the big percussion pieces? Where’s the destruction and sweeping flood lights? Maybe I anticipated the album too much, but I’m just not feeling it as much as I wanted to.

So there you have it, folks. The odds and ends floating around my head. Or at least all the reportable ones. Heh. Enjoy the weekend, eh?


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One Response to “Five for Friday.”

  1. Kim Says:

    Totally agree about Florence – and liked the same songs, but really only loved two (What Kind of Man; Which Witch). I’m ok with her sounding different, but I was very disappointed.

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