Oh, Bill.

Why is it that you when you unplug for four days, four measly days, you come back and feel like the world has completely spun off its axis? What, just me? Okay. But as it turns out, there’s this massive (yet unorganized) tropical storm hanging out off the coast of Texas that’s sort of headed exactly our way. 50mph winds and gusts and flooding rains – 12-15″ of flooding rain, in places.

You know what we don’t need after 30 days of rain during the month of May? You guessed it – more rain.

Thanks ever so much, Tropical Storm Bill. This is really what I wanted to greet me from my vacation to the desert. Now I have to decide whether I should run out and buy bread, batteries, and booze. Oh, and apples (both for snacking and using for emergency flotation devices). And maybe some floaties and a life raft because you just know there’s going to be street flooding, at the very least. Maybe some yard flooding. Hopefully not any house flooding.

What kind of rates you think I could grab on flood insurance for the house?


I mean, I’m glad the drought conditions are over for us. I’m glad the skies are still raining from time to time so maybe my blueberry bushes will take. I’m glad for moments like sunshiney downpours when a certain little boy who is stealing my heart yells, “MS. KATIE! I FOUND A RAINBOW!” and I can drag him outside and teach him how to dance in the rain. It’s not all bad.

I just… Tropical storms? Must it?



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2 Responses to “Oh, Bill.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    No house flooding. He is a cutie – I can see where he would steal your heart. Did you really forget how to dance in the rain?

  2. Kim Says:

    So is everything flooded? Did you make it to work?

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