Ha, ha – I made it to Thursday!

Not just any Thursday – Kim gets here in T-9 hours! It has been far, far too long since I’ve seen her face and I am all kinds of excited. Why? Well, besides the fact that any visit requires bail money be set aside, we have a few fun things planned:

We’re surprising the childrens. Oh yes we are. For what is more fun in life than messing with my girlies? I’ll grab immediately after work, then dash her over to get the girls and be all SURPRISE! And there will be shrieks of laughter and maybe a few happy tears. Cannot. Wait. [Alternatively, if one of Kim’s three plans is delayed or a sinkhole opens up or another stupid storm system blows through and we need to rearrange the getting of the sister, I’m going to go get the girls, be all blase, grab some Subway, and then see how long before they figure out that they’re headed towards the airport. Sneakiness rules, you guys.]

Then The Sister gets to meet The Boyfriend. Sister #1, I should say, but this is a bit momentous in that she is the first of any family to meet him. This keeps getting realer…and less scary. Kim and I aren’t even worried. And you know how nervous I get when it comes down to people liking people I like a lot. Definitely A Sign.

Technically, it’s the girls’ weekend with their dad and stepmom. But when the Ex heard that Kim had accidentally confused her Memorial Day weekends (because of course she did), he graciously allowed us to borrow the girls on Saturday and Sunday. Which means tomorrow night the grown-ups can still go out and get to know each other. We’re hitting up a nice sushi restaurant and then the piano bar. Because DUELING PIANO BAR!!

Saturday Gracie-girl will have to attend her Nerd Olympics (at eight in the flippin’ morning – ugh!), and then her dad will drop her and her sister off at the house. Afterwards, we’ll all pile over to the Perot Museum for some fun and learning and more fun. And, knowing us, probably the teensiest bit of pretty, pretty trouble too. But the good kind, I swear.

The rest of the weekend and visit I haven’t even planned out yet. I’m a lawless rebel that way. But I know it will contain eighty-eight different kinds of fun. And, maybe with a little luck, some sunshine and a patio party with the redheads and company so we can bust out the waterslide and bourbon slushies and grilled foods. Because how awesome does that sound?

There’s an entire workday to get through first. But then, my pretties, there will be all. the. fun.


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One Response to “Ha, ha – I made it to Thursday!”

  1. Kathy Says:

    So very jealous! Have a wonderful time. And no nerves – LOVE THAT!!

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