Enough with the rain already!

If this sounds a little incoherent, it’s either because my rain-numbed mind has melted into sludge, or possibly because it’s hard to type with water wings on. Seriously, you guys – this rain? I’ve had enough. ENOUGH, I say!

I’m trying to be grateful, but I’m afraid grateful flew out the window somewhere during Week 2. We’re in Week 6 of rain. No, really. Six weeks of rain, with only three days in there when there wasn’t any precipitation. And even on those days, it was still overcast. So, yes, I am grateful that our record years-long drought has ended and I can stop worrying about that. I am grateful the grass is so green and the trees haven’t blanched into their summer dead-tan look yet. I am grateful that it’s the end of May and yesterday it was only sixty-five flippin’ degrees out. But ENOUGH already with the rain!

I want to have a patio party. I want to let the kids go swimming. I want to plant trees and install patio lights and for the love of god, not worry about the commute home! I want to stop worrying whether I need to call and get flood insurance. I want to stop hearing about high water rescues and tragic stories about families literally being torn apart and kids swept out of their parents arms. (Yeah, fun way to start the morning, with all those news stories.) I want to not have to turn back halfway through a run because we have another severe thunderstorm warning. I want to stop having to towel off the dogs when they come scrumming back into the house.

I want sunshine!

I’m trying to remember that we’ll have plenty of that come July. In August, I’ll be begging for a rainstorm. We’ll hear a few sprinkles one morning at work and everyone will pile out into the parking lot to dance and revel in them.

But right now, we’re all eying every creek and river we drive over, keeping a wary eye on the rising water levels. One coworker has already lost his house to flooding. One day last week, it took everyone more than an hour longer to commute because so many roads were close. Are closed regularly now. Because the rain – it will not end.

Someone send me some sunshine. Or at least some sort of rainy day storage device so I can store these days up and dole them out piece by piece, storm by storm, throughout the rest of this miserable summer.


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One Response to “Enough with the rain already!”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Man oh man! Stay safe, think sunshine and hang in there. All will dry eventually and the weather will change but I get where you are coming from in the meantime.

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