Five for Friday.

Good morning, all! And for once, I mean that…well, as much as I ever can in the mornings. I actually got good, quality sleep last night. You never realize how much you miss good sleep until you ain’t gettin’ any. So let’s use my energy while I have it and see what’s going on…

1. Like I said – insomnia. I’ve always suffered from insomnia, usually delayed sleep insomnia versus early-wake insomnia, but lately, I’ve had it all. Coupled with the Sleepiness of Doom. The sleepiness had been worse – I literally couldn’t get through the day without dropping everything to take a nap, sometimes at 9, 10, or 11 o’clock in the morning. It was interfering with work to the point that I had to explain my mystery medical event to my boss to avoid getting in any kind of trouble for random periodic absenteeism. So I stopped taking my sleeping pill. It was one of the stronger overt-the-counter varieties, and it had been working fine…until it decided to work 24 hours a day. So I stopped taking it. And then my insomnia kicked in and I had the opposite problem. Sigh. I’ve switched to taking one of the weaker sleeping pills and I make sure to take it early enough that it won’t linger the next day. I think I’ve hit on the winning combo, but we’ll see. We’ll see.

2. Mothers’ Day earrings! Of course I forgot to snap a pic of them before I left, but they’re so pretty! Gracie’s fantastic fairy godmother, Auntie Kim, helped her pick them out for me. Only they were from England, and Gracie thought she was the shiznic picking out something imported, so they’ve just arrived. Tiny little flowers made from book pages. They’re fabulous! And so am I, because I figured out the book was Pride and Prejudice just from the words “sister” and “I endeavor to”. Boom.

3. Speaking of Kim… Guess who’s coming to visit? HUZZAH! And guess who’s coming to visit next weekend instead of this weekend, even though this weekend is Memorial Day? Womp wah. But it’s okay. We’ll take her when we can get her! We’re going to just show up to get the girls with Auntie Kim in tow and see if we can surprise ’em. So shoooooosh. (An extra thank you to the Ex for being so flexible with the girls’ visitation so they can play, too.)

4. Speaking of the girls, last night was the school-wide talent show. You know, that we only got one day’s notice about. My level of frustration knows no bounds about that, by the way. If it wasn’t Gracie’s last year, I would have just pulled her and not gone to show them that we can’t just drop what we have planned. Any way. Bee wasn’t in it, but Gracie said she was. That was all I knew. I assumed she was part of the stomp team, since that’s all I hear, morning noon and night. Stomp-stomp-step. Clap. Clap clap. Stomp. STOMP STOMP STOMP. But noooo. Not step. That’s just to drive me mad, apparently. Gracie-girl was helping to direct that talent show! Who thought that was a good idea, exactly?! That child does not need her sense of dictator-i-ness encouraged, thank you very much! I sense great danger ahead.

5. As far as reading goes, I’ve finished a few lackluster books this week. The Cruise of the Blue Dolphin. The Body of the World, by Eve Ensler. I re-read Gerald’s Game for my Stephen King re-read project. It’s not my favorite of the Kings, but I always like it a little more than I remember I did, which is always a pleasant surprise. Oh, Heart of a Woman – about Maya Angelou? – hoo baby, that a great read! Girl had done some stuff in her life! And also Cinderland by Amy Jo Burns. Amy reached with a few of her passages, making the language feel clunky and awkwardly constructed, but there were just as many that captured the raw feeling of needing to escape a failing armpit-of-a-town, not unlike my own collective growing up. For that reason alone, I think the group of kids I grew up with needs to read it.

So there you go. A few small things going on right now. Now I’m going to go plan out my weekend. One set of plans that I want to happen – plant trees, shop for vacation clothes, patio parties, bourbon slushies, food truck-apalooza – and one set in case it rains all weekend like it’s going to. Sigh. Make the rain stop guys. And in the meantime, enjoy your long weekend!


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2 Responses to “Five for Friday.”

  1. Kim Says:

    Gracie also was very grown up in that she selected the earrings she thought *you* would like, instead of getting the ones *she* wanted 🙂 The title on Etsy was for Harry Potter earrings and then when you looked at the item details, there was a choice of books…which included P&P. So Gracie decided she should get you those ones, not HP, even though “that *was* a really great book. BookSSS.” Heh.

  2. Kathy Says:

    Director? Geez! You are raising some AMAZING girls.

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