I little too inspirational, if you ask me.

I am so tired right now. I think I relaxed a little too hard (or maybe just not long enough?) after wearing myself out last night.

See, the problem is that Jeff, the Xman, and I all went to see the Crossfit Regionals competition on Sunday. Jeff’s pretty into Crossfit and I have to admit the competition was pretty intense; it was awesome to watch those men and women knock out rowing, chest-to-bar raises, and handstand push-ups over and over and over like that. It made me very conscious of the extra curves I’m sporting right now, in a way that was equal parts humbling and motivating. I know Jeff hit his workout last night with extra energy, and damned if I didn’t knock out a Jillian Michaels workout as soon as I got home.

Then, as if a Jillian workout wasn’t enough, I went all out making taco and fajita night last night, cleaned up after Bam the Destroyer, did the mommy thing (supervising showers, signing planners, checking homework), cleaned up after Fenway (who thought throwing up was a good way to get into the act), and then decided cleaning out the closet was a good idea.

I’ve been slowly trying to make space in case a certain someone ever needed to leave a few things. Except to make space for clothes on one side of the closet, somehow that means I have to clean the whole dang thing out and reorganize it. Because the boxes on the shelf on the short side of the closet need to be moved either into the attic or onto the long side somewhere, And so I needed to organize and rearrange. I consolidated what I could and threw away a garbage bag worth of things. I got rid of shoes I never wear and threw out tags and extra buttons that littered the floor, and weeded out old clothes.

All of that, after a full workout! I was pretty beat by the time I finished.

Next time Jeff asks if I want to go watch insanely fit people compete, I’m saying no. Clearly, it isn’t good for me.


One Response to “I little too inspirational, if you ask me.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Don’t you just hate it when you are over-motivated? I try to remember that if I do WAY too much I will pay the price. Sore and exhausted are not prices I like to pay.

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