(Sort of) Five for Friday.

Go ahead and see if you can get my theme this week.

1. I am so frustrated by/exasperated with/mad at my almost-nine-year-old that I can barely see straight.

2. I know this is an overreaction. But does it mean I can scale it back? Take a deep breath? Let all of it (ahem: any of it) go? No it does not.

3. Bee had a major project due yesterday. On kimonos – kind of her thing, right? We worked on most of it right away and all she had left was the essay. I didn’t even mention it to her dad because it was an easy, peasy kind of thing. We could finish it after school this week. And that was plan, until I picked Bee up on Sunday from her dad’s, and as soon as she was in the car, she was all, “Mom, guess what? I FINISHED MY PROJECT!” and was so excited and proud of herself. And so was I. I asked to see it Monday after school to make sure it was really-really finished, but she said she had turned it in already. Like she had with her powerpoint project last semester.

Which is why I was thunderstruck when the Ex texted me yesterday to say Bee hadn’t turned it in. Bee told him that she had done it at my house and had left it in her room. Kind of the opposite of what she had told me. Faced with her dad there in front of her and me on speakerphone, our poor little sobbing sparkler of a buttercup could only muster that she was confused. To which we explained the difference between “confused” and “caught in a lie.”

4. The Ex, bless his heart, said he had it and helped her finish her project. Bee came home, crying and apologizing, and didn’t complain once when I explained that I almost canceled her sleepover party tonight, but decided she was a very good kid who had made a mistake that she won’t ever make again. (There was poor pitiful puppy nodding at that.) I told Bee she gets zero privileges this week: after her friends leave tomorrow morning, there will be no dessert, no TV, no computer time, no fun adventures. There will be cleaning and chores and reading. It kind of puts a crimp in my plans for this weekend, but I guess I’ll get a lot of projects done around the house.

5. Because he loves me and because I must have sounded like a poor pitiful puppy myself, Jeff came over last night to salvage what he could of my sanity. I got a shoulder massage and he listened patiently while I explained the whole sorry scenario, and then he suggested watching The West Wing, because he knows what makes me feel better. Oh, and then we got to watch the most fantastic storm blow through with lots of lightning and not so much scary thunder. Watching a late-night lightning show with your honey with the lights off? That’s the kind of thing that makes up for so much crazy.

So here’s to the quickest, calmest birthday sleepover tonight. Here’s to having two wonderful little girls who only mess up sometimes. And here’s to having people who are willing to help me police the sleepover apocalypse. People are the best, you guys. And weekends are the best, too. Enjoy!


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2 Responses to “(Sort of) Five for Friday.”

  1. Kim Says:

    Sleepover apocalypse…lol. Remember last year when a room full of ten year olds hushed and sang “Let It Go” together in the middle of the night?

  2. Katie Says:

    Sleepover Apocalypse: The Musical

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