When friends come knocking at the door.

Or invading your mailbox. It’s almost the same, isn’t it? When they can’t be there for keeps? Things at ThePlaceThatShallNotBeDiscussed have been particularly un-discussable lately, and because my friends are awesome, they not only heard me, they reached across the miles to offer a hug and small pieces of comfort, the way only they can.

This showed up on my doorstep this past weekend:

Packy1A goody box with a Brady tshirt, Freudian sticky notes, owl push pins (and a lil statue of an owl that we call Weezy, who now lives in the Fairy Garden because the girls thought it was a gnome, not an owl. Geez.), scrap paper, red noses for the girls, an ampersand for the kitchen (don’t you design in punctuation?), and thank you notes. Oh, and a book for Gracie to read (The Red Tent, and the return of one of my books (A House in the Sky). A care package of awesome!

And then yesterday I checked the mail for the first time in mumblemumble:a few days:mumble and found this:

Packy2A care packy from my bestie Juls, back in Boston! (Cupcakes not included, but since Julie is cupcakes, I thought it was fitting that cupcake-palooza for the girls’ birthday sleepovers was going on in the background.) There was a note of encouragement, a pic from our last weekend together, and mix tapes cds. Juls is the queen of mix tapes cds, so I was so super excited to get them going. I think I might have listened to Fiona Apple’s “Hot Knife” about a hundred times on the way to work this morning.

Thanks for the awesomeness, ladies! It makes such a different putting up with the annoyances in our lives when you know you have such fantastic lifelines should you ever need to yell “Uncle!”


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2 Responses to “When friends come knocking at the door.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    You have amazing friends! Everyone needs friends like that and I am so glad you do.

  2. Julie Says:

    I’m so happy I made you smile. 😊

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