Quote of the Day.

The mosquitoes have already started eating me alive this year. Even after I put on the bug repellant, I still manage to find one or two. Which is what happened the other day at the park.

Me: Aw, man!
X-man, all concerned: What happened, Miss Katie?
Me: I have a bug bite. [Twist my calf around.] See?
X-man: I have one, too!
X-man shows me a small scratch on his knee from when he fell in the mulch.
Me: That’s not a bug bite, it’s a scratch.
X-man, all defensive: It is, too! It’s a skin-bite!!
Me: No, it’s not a bug bite. It’s not itchy! It’s a scrape.
X-man: No!!! It’s a skin-bite, when the ground bit my skin where I falled and left a boo-boo!!!

Well, okay then. A skin-bite. I’m sure it did feel like the ground jumped up and bit him. …Even if it totally isn’t a bug bite. Hmfph.


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One Response to “Quote of the Day.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Dude! How did you not know that was a skin-bite?? I love it.

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