May the fourth always be with you, silly girl.

Today is, as you all know, May the Fourth. Star Wars Day. And while I would love to show you all the kickass Legos my brother found with our very uncommon and highly unpronounceable last name printed on them (because it translates roughly from French into something Lego might use?), instead I’m going to show you what I just found on my phone while looking for pictures.

Face6Apparently, Gracie-girl used my phone to take a few selfish during the 30 seconds I left her alone, in order to get her birthday post so she could read it. I never even had a clue that she had been messing around. She wasn’t giggly or looking guilty or anything else afterwards that might have given it away.

Face5Nope. Picking up a phone and taking selfies for no other reason than they make you happy? That’s how my Gracie rolls.

Face4 Face3 Face2

And that’s how I hope she keeps on rollin’, because that kind of attitude is sometimes what steps between you and an impossible situation, and actually makes it bearable for the time being.

So rock on, Gracie. Stick your tongue out, plaster a smile, smoosh the duckiest duck lips that ever ducked. May the fourth always be with you.

You’re a keeper, Jedi or not.



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One Response to “May the fourth always be with you, silly girl.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Surprise pictures of the selfie variety are always fun.

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