Eat dirt!

Now that a big part of our weekends involve a giggly little four-year-old boy with boundless energy, someone who isn’t yet used to going off and finding his own (quiet) adventures like certain 11- and 9-year-olds I know, I’ve found myself once more dusting off fun projects and quick little activities to keep everyone happy and out of trouble.

Like eating dirt.

If there’s one thing four-year-old boys love, it’s dirt. Playing in it, tracking it through the house, digging in it. And if there’s something the girls at Casa de Katie love to do, it’s tricking people. It was only natural for the two to collide.

“Hey, X-man, do you want to trick your Daddy?” I asked him last weekend while the kiddos and I were out running errands at the groceria. We picked up some brownie mix (chocolate cake mix would also work, but I like brownies more), chocolate pudding, and small, cheap flower pots. I wanted some of the terra cotta ones, but of course I couldn’t find those. Ooh, and gummy worms because gummy worms are the best.

I explained that we would bake the brownies, then chop them up and mix them with the chocolate pudding so it looked like mud. Then we’d put the mixture into the flower pots and add the worms. And when we took a bit, I told X-man his daddy would be all, “NOOOO! Don’t eat dirt!

There was a lot of giggling at the idea.

And so we did.

Dirt1We baked and crumbled brownies.

Dirt2Added pudding.

Dirt3Scooped it into flower pots and added worms.

Dirt4And proceeded to act goofy and giggle and try to gross each other out because, dude – we’re eating dirt. Just a simple afternoon activity, but one so easy a four-year-old could help with most of the heavy lifting, and one so ageless that even the 11-year-old was delighted.


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2 Responses to “Eat dirt!”

  1. Trish Says:

    I think I know a four year old who would be delighted by this…. Sounds like a fun dessert for our upcoming camping trip.

    You are THE awesome.

  2. Kathy Says:

    Very cool. And I love that X-man fits right in with the girls.

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