Where I’ll be napping for the next forever.

I’ll say this for Haverty’s: they might charge an arm and a couple legs for their furniture, but they make sure it shows up at your house pretty quickly! Look what showed up yesterday:

Couch1Ta da! New, grown-up looking couches! Which is probs pretty fortunate, because I kicked my fifteen-year-old couches (and hideous lamps) out to the curb the night before, with a giant sign so the curb-shoppers would leave them for the women’s shelter to pick up. Twenty-year-olds should not be allowed to pick out furniture, lemme tell you. But now I have pretty, pretty new couches so go with the rest of the upgrades and renovations around the house. Slowly but surely, I’m building my nest.

Naturally, I spent the night rearranging furniture and seeing which way I liked it best. I’ll probably leave the couch all smooshed together like it is there. For one, you can see the TV the way it’s currently set up. But the thing I love about my sectional is that it functions even as separates.

Couch2That’s the two-seater that fits between the chaise and the traditional couch.

One option I’ve been toying with is to have the couch against the window-wall so I could try to fit a bigger TV somewhere in my poorly laid-out living room. I could leave them all squished together like this:

Couch3Which means I could still throw my feet up on the chaise and all of us can pigpile together and be all cozy. The downside is that the u-shape of the sectional means that the potential new TV position (offscreen just to the left) would make the room layout a bit awkward. But you can still see the TV just fine!

Couch4So I would move those two middle bookshelves to the wall behind the couches (that currently just has one bookshelf), and then get a media-center of some sort, something for my giant TV to sit on. Or maybe I’d wall-mount it over the hutch. Hmmm.

The other option I like better is to have the chaise off to the side. Then there isn’t the awkward empty space (that I suppose I could fill with a small chair or reading nook), and all of my guests wouldn’t feel like they were sitting right on top of each other. Something like this:

Couch6 Couch7

I think that’s my favorite layout. Either way, the girls are in looooove with the comfy new couches, and Kim and I are drooling over finding the right accent pillows and throw-rugs to make the room pop. The puppies love all the excitement that comes from new furniture to explore, although one of them (ahem:Bam) wasn’t too happy with my “no chewing bones on the couch” edict.

Other than that, it’s all naps and smiles over here at Casa de Katie. You know where to look for me if I go missing…


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2 Responses to “Where I’ll be napping for the next forever.”

  1. Kim Says:

    Wait – so there’s no *chewing bones* on the couches…but there is *snuggling doggies* on the couches!?!?! I loves them even more.

  2. Trish Says:

    Love these! They look so plush and comfortable. And I like the chaise off to the side. I would LOVE to have a chaise…one day. We still have mostly furniture from college but everytime I see paint or fork scratches or fingernail polish I remind myself why we can’t have nice things. 😉 Looks great!

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