Five for Friday.

Good morning jelly bean starbursts! Don’t you love when it’s Friday and you know you’ve survived another week, and you actually got a decent amount of sleep, and you’re all peppy because you unexpectedly solved a particularly sticky problem while you were stumbling through your morning routines? Me, too! So let’s get this Friday rolling…

1. We finished reading Cynthia Voigt’s Homecoming this week. Gracie adored it, mostly for the same reasons I did: high-caliber writing, finely drawn characters, and a plot where kids were left to their own devices and had to survive all on their own. Gracie’s convinced she’s Dicey and Sammy and James, all rolled into one. Bee-girl was glued to my side every time I read, but her response when I asked what she thought was typical Bee: meh. She isn’t a fan of reading, and that layer tempers every review.

2. Related: Every now and then, I’m reminded of both how resourceful my girls are and how much they’re part of the YouTube generation. I had been searching and searching for the Homecoming movie adaptation that I hadn’t seen, but knew existed. It’s no where to be found, though. Amazon only had it for $3234 – and only on VHS. Netflix and Amazon Prime both came up empty. And then lo and behold, the girls just happened to randomly find it on the TV one day, and so they recorded it. And then fell victim to their own TiVo-insanity. They record a hundred millions shows and eventually Homecoming: The Movie got bumped to save space. So we had a discussion on how that works…and they finally saw why my eye would get twitchy when it happened to my shows back when they used my TiVo. Here’s where the resourcefulness comes in: after the big letdown of discovering their movie was gone, Gracie found it on YouTube in five minutes. (It only took that long because she searched Netflix first, not believing me.) I haven’t sat down and watched it with them yet, but they’re already simultaneously enraptured and highly critical of the book-to-movie adaptation.

3. Other than that, it’s been a pretty re-ready week for me. I’m working on Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society (one of the best comfort books out there) and I’m also re-reading Will Grayson, Will Grayson so I can launch into Tiny Dancer: The Tiny Cooper Story, that I got from the Easter Bunny. And I just know that the Homecoming sequel, Dicey’s Song, will be next; I can never read just one book from that series.

4. Couchapalooza continues. I cannot find a sectional that will fit my tiny living room configuration (unless I ditch the bookcases, and no thank you). I should do a post all on its own, but picture this: the east wall is open to the kitchen, and really is made up of the giant walkway into that room, plus a 3/4 bar that’s over the sink. The northeast corner of the room is sucked up by a giant, space-eating fireplace. The north wall has an entertainment center shelving area built in immediately to the left of the fireplace and is only big enough to contain a 42″ TV (which is decent, but rather limiting), and then three floor-to-ceiling windows to the left of that. The west wall is decently sized, but you can’t put a TV on it, because the couch can’t fit on the bar-wall/fireplace corner. And the southern wall is decently sized, and the only real place to put a couch… except you can’t put a giant TV against the northern wall because it’s either in front of the windows or has to be small enough to fit into the entertainment nook. I know this is the most first-world of first-world problems (and not the one I inadvertently solved this morning), but I’ve spent two months trying to troubleshoot it and it’s making me nutsy.

5. Oh! Hey! It almost tornadoed on my house last night. It started out as just a tiny line of storms, so I went out to run a few errands. Then I got a text, as I was almost done, that it was raining like heck over at Jeff’s place. He warned me that I might want to head back to my house soon. (And when a seasoned storm-lover advises you to go home, you listen.) I noticed what could have been a lowering in the clouds, but convinced myself it was a low cloud, not anything interesting. Except it kept getting bigger, and more defined. I kept an eye on it and flew home as fast as I could… Only to turn into my neighborhood and see my two crazy neighbors, Jimmy Buffet and his sidekick, out in front of their garages, filming it. FANTASTIC. Everyone run for cover! It fell apart just as I pulled the trash bins into the garage, so no good pics to show off. But I swear to god, the thing that scared me most was that it was interesting enough for those two loveable yahoos to stand there gawking at it. I love my neighborhood!

So there you have it. All the tiny little interesting nothings that happened this week. Here’s hoping for a good, fun weekend chock full of sunshine and kids and adventures! Enjoy it!


2 Responses to “Five for Friday.”

  1. Kim Says:

    I reread Will Grayson, Will Grayson last night on the plane!! (err, twice – because we sat on the tarmac for two. hours. and I couldn’t get to my back-up book in the bag overhead…). CANNOT WAIT to read Tiny Cooper on the way back!

  2. Kathy Says:

    I love Bee’s review. I have a non-lover of reading and he’s so similar. Plus, I have read in so long I am not sure I reme how. Boo!

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