A weekend without minions.

It’s not unusual for me to have a weekend without my girlies. It happens every other weekend, in fact. Our system works so well and we’ve had our routine down cold for so long that I maybe take it for granted without even realizing I’m doing it. My new guy has his son every weekend, because of the work schedules and distance involved. It’s a system that works well for them and that I’ve adapted to very quickly, as well. If it’s my weekend with the girlies, the entire clan hangs out and happy chaos ensues. If the girls are with their dad, then my guy and I hang out with his son and happy chaos still ensues, but a much different kind. It’s all good.

This weekend, though, the X-Man spent the weekend with his mom. Which meant that Jeff and I were kid-free for the first time. The options seemed endless.

The weekend turned out very well, if a little ambitious than we had first planned. We went out on a fancypants date on Friday night. We got all dressed up (and I nearly flashed all of downtown because the wind was gusty and I had on a dress and very tall high heels) and went to a swanky steak place and were nauseatingly adorable holding hands and laughing and people watching. Saturday we ran errands and went couch shopping, got haircuts and put together the wall mount for Jeff’s television. We had wings and beer in the sunshine and enjoyed being able to be lazy and do things like shop without entertaining any of the kids. The little things make all the difference!

Yesterday was the most un-Easterly Easter…at least until the girls came home. We slept in, grabbed a ham after a last-minute decision to make a traditional Easter dinner (good thing – the girls had hamburgers and hot dogs for lunch). Then we decided to go see the Sherlock Holmes exhibit at the Perot Museum because why not? We could enjoy ourselves and take our time instead of worrying about whether it was over the kids’ heads, and if so, cajole them into being patient a little longer before we found exhibits that would interest them. It was a nice, leisurely grown-ups-only afternoon.

Of course, the girls did come home eventually, and there was much rejoicing over Easter baskets and asking when we could do the egg hunt. Quiet never lasts long! But when they’re oohing and aahing over new books, it’s hard to get too upset. E.B. brought Gracie The Phantom Tollbooth, Bee-girl got Just Gracie, and XMan got Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! Because of course he did. I got Tiny Dancer: The Tiny Cooper Story, a sequel to Will Grayson, Will Grayson, and Jeff got The Martian. Because he needs to read it.] It was a good, good night!

So there you have it. Our magical weekend is over, everyone has turned back into pumpkins, and our crazy workweek has already begun…right down to the chaotic start this morning when I forgot to shut off the house alarm and opened the door. Quit it, Monday – I’m ready for another weekend!


One Response to “A weekend without minions.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    That sounds like a perfect weekend. Plus, it must be the year for un-Easterly Easters as we walked in the state park, had pulled pork for dinner and I didn’t have my kiddos at all.

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