Easter traditions.

I love when it’s nice outside. Things are 29038420938% more enjoyable when you can do them out on the patio. Even something like coloring Easter eggs is more fun when you’re sitting in 80° sunshine, laughing and taking your time.

Still, there’s the tireless prep work. Like making all. that. dye:

Easter1And then the boiling of the Easter eggs. I might have over-prepared this year. But, hey! it’s because I thought the X-man was going to be here, and three kids means you need a zillion more eggs or something. So we had plenty for us, too, as it turned out.

Easter2Apparently just running them under cold water wasn’t enough; we had to prep them for organ donation. Or something. Much ice was used. And then it was time to get down to business!

Easter3Easter4 Easter5

It really was a fantastic time! There was much stealing of dye cups and piggybacking eggs in already-too-full cups, and sloshing of dye, and blowing around of the paper towels (because WINDY!), and certainly lots of smiling. It was great!

Then it was time to initiate my guy into the art of Peep Wars. Mwa ha ha…

Easter6We used a lot of Peeps, you guys. Oh! Also because we played Chubby Bunny with them, too. Bee beat Gracie, and then I barely lost to my hott boyfriend because of an ill-timed breath. Laughter is my downfall every time. So then the Peep Wars:

Easter7 Easter8

Some of us were a little more glued to the action. Gracie beat Bee, I beat Gracie, and then I went down AGAIN to the new guy! Sheesh!

After mama cleaned up the mess (sort of), the grown-ups hid twenty eggs in the ridiculously messy front room, and twenty eggs in their bedroom. We hid them good – like, at the bottom of the recycling bucket, buried in Barbie clothes, hidden under a mattress kind of good. They were missing four in the front room and two from their bedroom. So we kept sending them back with clues. We got an entire movie out of that game. Heh.

Good times, good times. The kids might grow up, but there is still an awful lot of fun to be had!


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One Response to “Easter traditions.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    I think I miss those days.

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