Five for Friday.

What a week! Recovering from a serious illness is tough work, lemme tell you. Thankfully, I had so. much. going on, I didn’t have much time to even think about how pitiful I was. I just got ‘er done. In fact, this was quite the productive week. But Fridays aren’t for productivity – they’re for having fun! There was some of that, too.

1. Like this, that I finally brought into work:

Flower Maybe I didn’t tell you that my sweet new guy is not only not-bothered by my football fanaticism, but he thinks I am so amusing that he bought me fancyface flowers and a Feel Better card when a certain traitor left our team (after an entire! career!! and two rings!!) to sign with anotherand I was devastated. Well, he did. And I maybe brought my fancyface flowers to work today to help get me through this day.

2. Related: this happened.

LegoBecause I am working through my feelings like the grown-up I am.

3. I got the most fantastic care packages this week! (For the pre-appendicitis scare, not the football thing.) Kim sent me a bouquet of new books; I had been eyeballing Mosquitoland and have since had one of my bookish fairy godmothers compare Buried Giant to Connolly’s Book of Lost Things, which I adored. I’m so excited! And Shayne sent me the most gorgeous (and, my god, comfortable!) infinity scarf covered in illustrations and the text from Alice in Wonderland. So I’m going to have to keep it on my person always, or Corrie will steal it, Alice-obsessed as she is.

Package1 Package2

4. I also snagged a copy of I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson from our library. I’m so glad I stopped there first, because I have it on good authority that I was getting that book from the Easter Bunny; now he can get me something else! You guys – you need to read this book! Only I’ll give you the same warning Shayne gave me: do not read it in public, especially if you’re still working through some issues with grief. Ohhhhh this book broke my heart into teeny tiny pieces, so many times! I was up until midnight finishing the book last night [I would have stayed up the night before and finished it in one sitting if I could] and then I was up for another hour crying my fool eyes out. That book! It’s like the heartbreak of Fault in our Stars, plus the heart of Eleanor and Park and the imagination and sensory overload of Night Circus. YOU NEED TO READ THIS BOOK. I’m buying it the second it hits paperback, just to loan out to each one of you. Five of five stars.

5. I listened to the Stone Temple Pilots’ Purple album on the way to work and it was such the right way to start my Friday! My guy has been out of town on vacation all week, I have a stressy thing going on at ThePlaceThatShallNotBeNamed today, and I finished a huge project this week. I am SO ready for my weekend to start! I’m ready to kick ass! I’m working some music into the rest of my day, too, and I plan to include the new Modest Mouse. Because how awesome is it? Not as awesome as a throwback album on the way to work on Friday, but still pretty up there, right? Right.

So there you go! That’s what’s been buzzing around inside my brain this morning. Hope your weekend plans are glorious and your Friday speeds by…


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One Response to “Five for Friday.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    What a beautiful picture of you!

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