It was just a matter of time (but I still lost the bet).

There are no hills in Tejas. It’s flat. Flat, flat, flat. At least, this part of Tejas is. The sky is so big that it hurts your eyes, busts your brain the first time you see it. But my Ex lives on The One Hill in our area. (I’m exaggerating here, but not by much.) His hill is enough of an incline that it’s an issue when it ices and that not a single one of us are envious of the ridiculous grades of the driveways on one side of the street. Hilly. Yes.

Every morning when I drop the girls off, Gracie – being far too cool to break a sweat – struts from the car, down the front lawn or the driveway, to the front door. Bee-girl, however, being Bee-girl, always runs headlong, tumble-bumble, pell-mell, all the way down to the bottom of the hill. Every time I watch her, I wonder how the girl stays upright. Think of Phoebe running downhill – but with a backpack in one hand throwing her balance off – and you might get close to how off-kilter my baby girl looks. Each and every time I think she’s going to lose her balance. And each and every time she makes it safely to the front door.

Until this morning.

It’s dark outside when we leave the house now, with the time switch. The girls’ dad has a spotlight outside that turns on when we pull up, but still – it’s pretty dark. So I could only tell that one of the girls had gone down. Not all the way, not a full-out sprawl. Just to her knees. “Just” – but she was awfully slow to get up. So slow that I put down my window and asked if she was alright. And when Bee turned to say she said “yes”, that’s when I realized it was Gracie-girl who had fallen. Of course. Of course it was Gracie.

It didn’t seem to be that bad a spill, but it still took Gracie quite a long time to get up off her knees. She wasn’t hobbling too badly when she walked the rest of the way to the house, Bee keeping a watchful eye on her. And I haven’t had any alarming texts from her dad, so I’m guessing all is okay. Probably Gracie’s feelings were injured more than anything else. (I have been seeing an awful lot of the moody-teen-around-the-corner in the mornings.) We’ll just hope she didn’t land on her wrist and then move on to the next crisis.

Which I’m sure is just one bad tumble away.


2 Responses to “It was just a matter of time (but I still lost the bet).”

  1. Kim Says:

    The only way I can describe Bee descending that hill is “Kermit arms.” Kid was *clearly* a muppet in a past life.

  2. Kathy Says:

    Poor Gracie. Hurting your pride with a silly slip is sometimes far worse than the actual injury.

    Kim – love the visual of Bee. That is really what I pictured in my head.

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